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Have you ever heard or seen yellow golden beets? I only seen and heard about red beets, but not yellow golden ones. Well, I didn’t know that there were yellow golden ones until today. My dad and I were shopping in our local grocery store, and my dad spotted these golden babies. And they were right next to the red beets.


To get an idea, the conversation went a little like this:
Dad– “oh, what is that? Beets?”
Me– “I’m not really sure. It looks it.”
Dad– (he reads name tag) “yea these are golden yellow beets”.
Me– “oh cool. I never heard about them”.
Dad– “get a bag”.
Me– “ok”. We can add it to our epic juice tomorrow”!
Dad– “yea we can juice it!
Both– “epic”!
Dad– “you should do some research on these”
Me– “ok, i will right when we get home”.


So I came home and I did my research. I found that you can get a number of health benefits with these. Yellow golden beets are great for heart health, lowering blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It is also a great kidney cleanse too. But those who suffer from kidney disease (due to research and studying), or have poor livers and kidneys, it is recommended that you only take 1-2 beet root per juice (it depends on how strong your livers and kidneys are), to slowly detox. They have videos on YouTube talking about juicing beets and info- which I recommend watching.

Your liver is your bodies filter. Think of it like this: your liver is like a sponge. Whatever you eat, drink, and smell goes to your liver (sponge). Why am I comparing a liver to a sponge, you may ask? Well, because for example, you pour soap and all these harsh detergents onto a sponge. Over time, this sponge will worn out and get filthy. Well same concept goes with your liver. The only difference is the pouring soap on a sponge. But hopefully, you get what I’m trying to say. So in due time, your liver gets tired and has to work extra hard to filter and work along with your body. I mean, just imagine all the bad frying oils, fast foods, soda, etc., thru out the years. Your liver needs a detox cleanse. What better way to detox your liver by drinking this beet juice. There’s many ways to detox your liver. Eat bitter vegetables like dandelion (yes, dandelion is edible), kale, beets, etc. Believe it or not, the bitter the vegetables, the better the benefits your liver will cleanse and detox quicker.


Beets roots are great for detox; making this juice an elixir. Yellow golden beets contain fiber, potassium, iron, folic acid, cleanse the liver, colon, kidneys, and your bloodstreams. The yellow beets have a more mildly-sweet taste, unlike the red ones. Also, a little known fact: the yellow beets won’t stain your knife, cutting board, or your clothes; unlike the red ones. Drink this elixir. Your liver will thank you.


Detox Beet Elixir:
* Serves 2-4
1 golden yellow beet root and stems
1 head fresh kale
1 small or large cucumber, peeled
4 celery stalks
1 small fresh piece ginger
1 lime, squeeze with your palms to soften (peel if not organic; if organic don’t peel)
2-5 oranges, peeled
2-5 tangerines, peeled
Whole pineapple, cut and sliced

NOTE: add more fruits to make it sweeter. I used 2 oranges and tangerines, and a whole pineapple; and it had a slight bitter taste. I would have added more if I had more on hand:(

* Wash, cut, and peel as needed. Juice everything in a juicer. Pour into a beautiful glass. Drink. Smile. =) Enjoy your elixir- sweet or bitter.


I know these photos are lame and are poor quality. But that will all change. I am going to start using my new camera. Good thing is, at least I have pictures to share with you guys. Til next time – chow! =)

Written By: Miliany Bonet


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