Why Vegan? – Amazing Presentation by Gary Yourofsky (WATCH)

The best speech you will ever hear. Very animated presentation by a great speaker. Q+A video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HekpfSTxO-E Gary Yourofsky Link:…


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19 comments on “Why Vegan? – Amazing Presentation by Gary Yourofsky (WATCH)

  1. VeganTruth on said:

    advice: do some research. Read books, listen to podcasts and watch more videos. I can send you a list of suggest media if you like.

    If you just try and wing it, you will loose your will to continue.

  2. jonathan Jeanneault on said:

    he has a vary VARY good agreement so i will make a personal goal to, not eat anything that is made from animals for three months and see if I will stay that way!!

  3. VeganTruth on said:

    so did I! it was delicious. Tofu steaks are the best. Thank you for being a role model. You are the best, and so funny too!

  4. VeganTruth on said:

    thanks for your kind words!

  5. VeganTruth on said:

    “You want a pain free world”
    – wouldnt you? So you think because we can easily change the way we eat, we shouldnt because mother nature is a bitch. Please. That is a lame excuse.

    “Don’t animals eat other animals”
    – yes when they need to. NEED is the operative word here. We dont need to eat animals to be healthy.

    “And why is that I don’t see videos or campaigns against killing tiks or flys”
    – because if people are not willing to go vegan for mammals they arent going to go vegan for flys.

  6. John Russo on said:

    What makes you say that?

  7. lee comstock on said:

    Congratulations on being on the wrong side of history.

  8. John Russo on said:

    I just had wonderful steak for dinner

  9. annjaaay on said:

    “if people would eat an apple or pear everyday, then they wouldn’t have a problem taking a shit.!!!”

  10. Natalie Richard on said:

    I am a huge fan of your activism work. I am a vegan and agree with your veiws! Your passion inspires me. Never stop being the voice for animals!! Thank you

  11. Nuno Dias on said:

    You want a pain free world. But mother nature is everything but pain free. Go pet a lion, and come back to tell us how that went for you…

    Don’t animals eat other animals? Isn’t that the so called ‘Circle of Life’?

    And why is that I don’t see videos or campaigns against killing tiks or flys, with graphic images of them dying, to appeal to our emotional side like they do with animals we eat?

  12. John Doe on said:

    Well said, I like your logic. The meat eater guys logic was weak and flawed, your logic was rational and accurate.

  13. VeganTruth on said:

    “Is it because they aren’t cute enough to form an emotional bond with us?”
    – way to create a straw man argument… its insulting to suggest that the only reason to care about animals is because of some emotional “cute factor”. What you put in your body 3 times a day is in your control. It is easy to make a change. Avoiding all insect death is a much more challenging task. I think its impossible to avoid killing all, but we can definitely minimize insect death if people put effort into it.

  14. VeganTruth on said:

    “surely that’s more condemnable than killing to eat, no?”
    – im not here to condemn anyone. Im not here to equivicate between evils. I dont support pesticides, and i dont support 56+ land animals (and additionally 50+ billion sea animals) being killed a year for no valid reason. we dont actually need to kill them to survive or be healthy. Sure there are some people who are too poor or live in areas where being vegan is near impossible, but most people who eat animals dont live in such locations

  15. VeganTruth on said:

    so your argument is, since we have always done something therefore we should continue, regardless of the fact we know we can be healthy and responsible today? utter rubbish. We have been raping, killing and enslaving other humans for as long as we have walked this earth, yet we realize that such behaviour is destructive and unnecessary.

    “Also why don’t condemn the for pesticides that kill fleas from our pets, or bugs and other small creatures”
    – i do.

  16. veggiieee on said:

    I wish I could educate people the way this guy does. Its so hard to get through to people, he does such a great job!!

  17. Yankī Takeshi no niwashi on said:

    do your own research if you don’t believe what he is saying.

  18. VeganTruth on said:

    ” dairy products don’t kill the animal so i struggle more with that vegan viewpoint.”
    – dairy cows are used longer, and end up as meat when their usefullness dwindles. Their bodies are treated as machines and they are confined and often have issues like mastitis. Cows need to become pregnant to produce milk, so the calf born ends up as either veal or another dairy cow. On top of all of this, we dont need breast milk after childhood, and especially not that of another species.

  19. jjcarson92 on said:

    I actually ate some dairy today, not meat but milk and butter I’m sure. Aside from that I did well. But yes, I have no desire to eat meat anymore, I had a trial in Burger King today and wanted nothin.

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