What to Expect When Going Raw Vegan

The top 10 challenges that you will face when going raw vegan and the solutions on how to overcome them! http://youtu.be/-hdzVg6LhGE Are you wanting to eat F…


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7 comments on “What to Expect When Going Raw Vegan

  1. Gyva02 on said:

    Where do elephants, gorillas, and other large herbivores get their protein? Ta-da just the right amount that we need is in the plants! How about that? The meat and dairy industry have done a great job at making you think you need their products. It’s all a scam, and quite an unhealthy one at that. Congrats to everyone waking up from this nonsense.

  2. afgreene on said:

    a lot of pooping….just sayin’ lol

  3. thewholefooddude on said:

    Just by going FullyRaw Vegan (Low Fat) for 7 days I got rid of a wart I’d had for over a year! I don’t think I’ve ever done Low Fat Raw properly before, and the results were just been fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration Kristina!

  4. boxxuv on said:

    Dear Kristina,
    What about the b12 vitamin that some says you cannot get when being Vegan???

  5. Allison Raffel on said:

    You sure promise a lot :p

  6. Alexa Gill on said:

    I’m 13 and my family doesn’t eat raw at all I’m trying to start but I don’t know if I can

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