What Is Clean Eating

Today I want to talk about clean eating. What does clean eating mean to you? Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on what the true meaning of clean eating is. To me, clean eating is no refined sugars, no processed foods, no artificial anything, no cheese, no dairy, no meat, no fish, and nothing that comes from an animal. I don’t consider that really clean eating. Why? Simply because those foods aren’t so clean. Read my post here on the dangers of diary.

The reason why I don’t consider eating animal food clean eating, simply because the animals were treated like dirt. They aren’t fed the right food, and the animal suffered poorly while it was alive. All their stress, fear and pain goes into your body! Even if you didn’t care about the animals treated like dirt, then I would at least hope you care for your own body, health and your family’s health!

More cleaning eating (which you can probably agree with me here) is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and organic foods. Foods at it’s whole from is the best! Whole foods is real foods! Remember, you are what you eat! And what you absorb (eat) becomes you! 

keep calm and eat healhty

 What is clean eating to you? 

 fresh vibrant fruits & veggies


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