Difference Between Vegetarian vs Veganism

This is a common question that many people ask frequently, as many people tend to think of these two lifestyles almost similar. I will explain the differences in this article to give you a better understanding and clarify these two lifestyles for your better understanding. And believe it or not, the two are actually quite different, as one is her host than the other and it’s easy to tell the difference.
Vegetarian don’t eat any meat, but they still eat eggs, dairy, fish, and seafood. Fish is believed to be the dirtiest meat, and milk is believed to be the dirtiest liquid! I highly recommend reading my dairy post on the dangers of drinking cow milk, if you don’t already know or believe that ‘milk doesn’t do a body good’.
Vegans on the other hand, don’t eat ANYTHING that comes from an animal, and is the healthier lifestyle option. Their diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
There are a lot of healthy vegan meals you can enjoy, WITHOUT sacrificing your health and with absolutely NO guilt. Isn’t that amazing?!
There are numerous of reasons why you should consider adapting a vegan lifestyle. It’s literally endless. If you’re needing some vegan inspiration and useful resources, please check them out here.
DID YOU KNOW? Farm-raised fish is worse than wild-caught. The conditions of farm-raised fish are terrible, as they are treated with pesticides and are infected with diseases. The fish go also stressed out, due to the confinement that are in. Learn more about farm raised fish here. (And would like to mention, fish is still meat because its flesh).
Which One is Better: Vegetarianism or Veganism? 
Veganism is way healthier than vegetarianism. However, just because you’re a vegan DOESN’T mean you’re healthy. You can still be a vegan and eat lots of junk vegan foods, and feel tired, sluggish, fatigue, overweight, stressed, tired, etc.
Veganism is healthier and better for the animals, the planet and the environment in more ways than one. Since vegans don’t consume in any animal products, they are making an impact in the world, and saving the lives of animals. There are numerous of reasons why you should consider a vegan lifestyle; you’ll feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. Give it a try; it’s worth your life and for the sake of your health. if you’re looking for optimal health, go vegan.
If you need some inspiration or motivation on going vegan, check out this very useful and educational page on RawVeganLiving.
Peace, love, light, xoxo


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