My Experience Eating Cooked Food After 2 Years Fully Raw

So I will try to keep this post as short as possible. This post is about my on and off journey with cooked foods.


When I first transitioned to a plant based lifestyle, I transitioned as a vegan for 4 months, then I was inspired to go fully raw for 100 days, thanks to FullyRawKristina! Long story short, I felt amazing indoor paying fully raw meals into my diet. I had more energy, gained mental clarity, my skin glowed, I had better digestion, slept better, and felt overall happy. I can go on and on and list the wonderful benefits I received going completely raw, but i’ll save that for anther post.


So after I went fully raw and experienced eating nothing but raw living foods, I ate cooked vegan foods again. I noticed a significant difference in the way I looked and felt, especially. I was a bit more tired after meals, bloated and sluggish; my face wasn’t as clear and glowing; I had slower digestion, and my mind felt more foggier. I ate a pretty Rhett vegan diet, although, I ate things like grains, wheat and soy that caused my bloating mainly.


I then decided to go 100% raw back in 2014, because that’s the way of eating that I thrived best on. This time around, I was inspired by Dan McDonald, the life regenerator, to go fully raw.


During the months of September of 2015, I incorporated cooked vegan foods again into my diet, simply because of the drastic lifestyle circumstances that accorded in my life at that time. Since I stood with my mom at her house for 6 months (I live with my dad), my lifestyle has changed during that time. And honestly, I felt good eating cooked foods again, and it was the best that I’ve ever felt eating vegan. Could be mainly because I ate mostly raw foods and only ate 1-2 cooked vegan meals a day (depending on how much fruits I had ripe). I don’t know, but I like it.


The foods I ate while incorporating cooked foods again were: quinoa, sweet potato, beans (mostly lentils & kidney beans), yucca, magala, plantains, and oh – peanut butter! 🙂


I must admit – I was a bit hesitant on sharing the fact that I ate Cooke foods again because I was raw for 2 years, and it’s the raw lifestyle that I preach the most. But a part of me did feel I had to be honest and authenticate and share it with my followers. I felt by sharing my experience with you guys that it would inspire someone who is just transitioning to this lifestyle but keeps falling off the raw wagon. Most of us best ourselves up when we fail, but I am here to tell you—don’t do that to yourself. I’ve learned to ACCEPT and make it an EXCEPTION to eat cooked foods again. Plus, I was craving cooked foods again too, whenever I was low on my fruits.


So I’m no longer fully raw??? 
I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again – I thrive my very best when I eat fully raw. I know subconsciously the benefits of eating fully raw and cooked vegan foods, but I surprised myself because I didn’t let the science of eating cooked foods stop me from eating it. I made it OKAY to eat cooked foods and just be happy with that decision. And I had fun and enjoyed myself while it lasted.


Now even though I am going back to eating fully raw, I feel the only thing I would eat cooked (okay, maybe 3) are quinoa, sweet potato and peanut butter! Now, I’m not saying that I am staying vegan and not eating fully raw, but at the moment, right now, I am vegan, and I’m totally OK with that choice.
And not to get too personal, but I haven’t gotten my period since eating cooked vegan foods again for the 3rd time introducing it, which was odd for me…


Also, eat the way that works best for YOU. if you feel amazing eating both raw and cooked, by all means, eat that way. Do what makes you happy and feel content. Don’t best yourself up if you slipped up a spoonful of roasted peanut butter (and the only reason why I wouldn’t mind eating that not raw is because, it’s hard to find raw peanut butter. If anyone knows a good organic and non-GMO peanut butter company, please let me know!). You cause more stress on your body that you create happiness.


Anyways, that’s it! I hope you found this post inspiring and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment down below or email me.
Much love,
Miliany <3




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