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For anyone wanting to boost energy, reverse aging, lose weight, live longer, and gain a wealth of health – you need marine phytoplankton in your life! 

Marine Phytoplankton is the world’s most potent superfood. It has the ability to reverse ANY disease, accelerate your energy levels, help you live longer, and slows down the aging process (so you age BACKWARDS!)

There are hundreds of thousands of reasons as to what truly makes Oceans Alive unique. Here are some fascinating facts about Marine Phytoplankton Oceans Alive you may not know! 

king of superfoods oceans alive

#1 Proliferator Of Life 

Marine phytoplankton is a micro-algae, derived from the ocean. According to NASA research, marine-phytoplankton is responsible for producing up to 95% of the Earth’s oxygen, and therefore the very oxygen that keeps us alive.

In fact, it’s responsible for creating and sustaining our very atmosphere, powering our planet! 

But what phytoplankton also does that’s amazing, is it converts things like seawater, minerals, sunlight, CO2 and over 200 living organic life-providing nutrients into a FUEL that your body can use, IMMEDIATELY — at the cellular level!

People like to call Oceans Alive “DNA ROCKET FUEL”, because it provides everything needed to fuel your body and protect your body even deeper than the cellular level, all the way down to your very DNA!

In fact, marine phytoplankton can not only contribute to your healthier living, but…

It’s Already Responsible For Your Life.

(…But You Can Make It Responsible For Your
Optimal Health & Longevity Too!)

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Naturally-Enhanced KING OF SUPERFOODS is More Powerful Than 8,000 Superfood Combined

You’ve probably heard of other highly-valuable super-nutrients – like resveratrol, spirulina, chlorella, acai berries, and krill and fish oil… but you may be surprised to find out that Marine Phytoplankton is 8,000 more powerful than all of them COMBINED!

Oceans Alive combines every living, life-giving molecule that makes up the ENTIRE plant, animal and human kingdom, which is wht makes it so powerful than  any other superfood out there!                                                                

And the neat thing about the marine phytoplankton blend in Oceans Alive is that it is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

It even contains 185 nutritional molecules that have no match to any historical data.

This is a monumental, scientific breakthrough for nano and micro nutrition.

Bottom line — Oceans Alive opens up an entirely new dimension for health never experienced before in human history… until now.

Oceans Alive contains an astonishing array of nutrients your body needs, to feed your health and LIFE at the cellular level.

Lab test analyses of marine phytoplankton at two European universities have revealed over 200 different nutritional molecules in Oceans Alive.

(*185 of which, again, have never been scientifically identified!)

Not to mention…

Per Single Dropper!

So you can imagine the unique supercharge of nutrition you’ll feel in your body with this substance!

You can’t get any closer to the original source of life than this…

  • This is where the proliferation of life begins!
  • This is what feeds over 99% of life in the ocean!
  • This is what provides up to 90% of the oxygen we breathe!
  • This is what nourishes and supports all life on our planet!

…And that’s why marine phytoplankton is the ultimate life-giving food in the world.

Nothing else comes close.

Nothing else is so largely responsible for the creation, proliferation and sustaining of life on Earth.

Nothing else contains this array of nutrients, in so few calories.

And nothing else can help you…



This is what truly makes Oceans Alive different from anything on Earth.


Oceans Alive CONTAINS EVERYTHING NECESSARY to replace things needed to rebuild your body, fuel your brain and restore and influence optimal health!

The possibilities in your life and health are endless.

But what else you should understand, is that Oceans Alive is far more than just a standard form phytoplankton…

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