Vegan Tofu Dates Cheesecake Recipe


This low-fat, vegan tofu dates cheesecake is so delicious! Its 100% GUILT FREE!;) Everything is raw besides the tofu:( But thats OK because tofu is allowed in my book;) This recipe is one of my favorites! It’s so epicly delicious, healthy, and so many benefits. You won’t believe it! I could go on and on about it..! Its a Superfood dessert because of the nuts and raw cacao powder! By adding chia seeds; you’ll be enjoying a low fat dessert, and losing weight! Thats the power in chia seeds! You will fall in love with this recipe as much as I did! It’s so filling and satisfying, you do not want anything else! This cheesecake recipe is so simple to make-it’s crazy!

So here’s the recipe:
1 1/2 cup raw walnuts, pecans, almonds, or brazil nuts, (soak for 1-2 hours or longer)
1 cup (about 18) pitted dates

* Place all ingredients in the food processor or blender and process until sticky and crust-like. Press crust into a pie pan.

1 1/2-2 package Organic Non-GMO extra firm tofu (good brands like Nasoya, Soy-Boy, House Foods and other organic non-GMO brands)
25-30 or more pitted dates, soaked for 30 minutes to softened; soaking is optional)
Heaping handful of raisins, optional

* Blend all the ingredients in the blender until creamy. Place filling into crust. Spreading filling evenly onto crust. Place in refrigerator for 2-3 hours or more until firm. Garnish with raisins and chia seeds, optional. Enjoy!



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Miliany Bonet

Miliany Bonet is an 18 years young, world renowned, raw vegan teen who is passionate about a raw foods diet and lifestyle. She runs and owns 3 websites, all in which are based on veganism. With a strong passion and desire to share her love for a raw foods lifestyle, Miliany has inspired many people from all walks of life to adapt a healthier lifestyle, with more raw living foods. Miliany is a Writer, Author, Blogger, a Serial Entrepreneur, a Book Publisher, a Researcher, a Learner of Life, a Geek, and a Designer. Check out Miliany's blogs at and

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