The Importance and Benefits of Soaking Nuts and Seeds

cashews soaked in jars

Why soaking? Does it really matter or make a difference to my recipes and health?

Yes, it does matter and it does make a difference to your recipes and body. Nuts and seeds contain an enzyme inhibitor. That’s where all the toxic substances are in the inhibitors. By soaking the nuts and seeds, you release and neutralize the enzyme inhibitors and toxic substances. You also increase the life and vitality of the nuts and seeds, and you avoid bloating. It will also blend and taste differently when added to recipes. Some nuts butters on the market don’t soak their nuts or seeds, as they believe it prolongs the shelf life of the butter. If you’re making nut butters at home, I would recommend making small batches and storing it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  

For best results, you can soak the nut or seed for their required time and then dry them completely in your dehydrator at 105-110 degrees, then blending it into a creamy butter. This is the best option if you ask me. 

Now that you know why you should start soaking and sprouting your nuts and seeds, let’s talk about the benefits.

By soaking nuts and seeds for their required time, you are not only releasing and neutralizing the enzyme inhibitors, but you are increasing the vitamins and minerals your body will absorb from the soaked nut or seed. Since the enzymes and nutrients have been broken down for optimum health, your digestion will be better as well. So if you aren’t digesting your nuts or seeds, it’s because they haven’t been activated enough to absorb their nutrition so you have optimum health. 

Not all nuts and seeds require soaking. I list the commonly eaten nuts and seeds below with their required and necessary soaking time. All soaking and sprotuing are done at room temperature. 



Hemp seeds don’t require any soaking time, so you can eat them just the way you buy them, without sprouting required. Hemp seeds are one of my favorite seeds and they are one of the most nutritious seeds around. Just make sure your hemp seeds are not conventionally grown, as they are usually genetically modified. My favorite hemp seeds are from Navitas Naturals, Nutiva or Manitoba Harvest. These brands can be found at your local health food store, like Wegmans and WholeFoods (Wegmans has a better price though). 

Some sources say brazil nuts don’t require any soaking however, if you need to use them right away for a recipe, you can rinse them with clean filtered water to remove any residue they may contain. Unlike most nuts and seeds you buy in the bulk section of your health food store, brazil nuts are the cleanest nuts around! (I learned this from Lou Corona). And according to Nouveau Raw, brazil nuts are actually a seed

If you decide to soak brazil nuts, soak them for 8-10 hours, and drain and rinse them well. If you aren’t planning on using them right away, dehydrate them so they are completely dry and store away in a mason jar on your counter or store in fridge to prolong shelf life. 








Please keep in mind, this process implies to ONLY nuts and seeds that require soaking.

  1. Properly soak the nuts or seeds for their required and mandatory time. 
  2. Drain the water out frequently, every few (3-4) hours and add in more filtered water until the nuts and seeds soaking time is up. This is optional though, but recommended if you’re home and awake while they are still soaking. 
  3. Once the required soaking time is up, drain the water out and rinse them off very well until the water comes out clean. (please don’t use tap water! It contains many known toxic chemicals in it like fluoride, chlorine, and chromium 6! All these toxic ingredients cause cancer and brain damage). IMPORTANT TIP: If you’re not going to use the nuts and seeds immediately or going to blend with with water, you don’t have to dry them, UNLESS you aren’t using all of the soaked nuts and seeds. For instance, if you are gong to make dairy-free cheese, sauce mylk or blend into a smoothie, drying is not required. 
  4. Drying is required ONLY if you aren’t going to eat or use the soaked nuts and seeds right away or going to make nut or seed butter out of them. To dry the nuts and seeds, spread the all over your dehydrator tray and dry them at low temperatures (110 degrees) until completely dry. 

We nuts or seeds go rancid pretty quickly. Thus, drying is essential. 

Happy soaking and drying! 

Please feel free to comment below with any questions, tips and recipes you may have. Love to hear from you 🙂 





  • There are over 30 different nuts 
  • Peanuts are part of the beans and legumes family, thus, peanuts are not a nut. Just like a tomato isn’t really a vegetable. Its a fruit! 
  • Brazil nuts are actually seeds, not nuts! 
  • Germinating is the same thing as soaking nuts and seeds 


Post Written By: Miliany Bonet


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