The Differences Between Vegetarians and Vegans


The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that a vegan eliminates all animal products from their diets, including dairy. Those following a vegan lifestyle do not wear leather and avoid products made from animals such as wool, silk, leather, down, etc. Vegans eat a cleaner diet than a vegetarian because vegetarians still eat flesh.

Vegetarians do not eat meat, but might eat fish, dairy products such as cheese, eggs, yogurt or milk. Both vegans and vegetarians have different beliefs. For example, many vegetarians eliminate meat for the sake of their health. There are different types of vegetarians. Lacto-vegetarians will eat dairy, but not eggs. Ovo-vegetarians will eat eggs, but not dairy. Lacto-ovo vegetarians will eat eggs and dairy products. The reasons for these choices are varied and based on individual beliefs. In some cases, they are based on moral choices, and in others on dietary needs or simple preference.

I’m not judging vegetarians or have something against them, but vegans are healthier than vegetarians. If your looking for the best and healthier diet, I would suggest choosing vegan, because they don’t eat any flesh or diary products like vegetarians. Going vegetarian is  just as the SAD (Standard American Diet, really). The only difference is no meat consumption. I highly recommend reading this post about aquaculture and the differences between wild caught fish and shrimp vs. farm raised fish and shrimp. You may think twice before buying farm raised fish and shrimp. Oh, this lifestyle has SO much information to know; it really is deeper than most people think. Fish is the dirtiest meat. No surprise, the oceans are so dirty and polluted. The oceans nowadays is a waste land.

Below is the vegetarian and vegan food pyramids:



Written By: Miliany Bonet


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