The 12 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Oil No One Told You About

Pumpkin seeds are actually one of the most nutritious seeds on the planet. They are packed with goodness that support a healthy heart, mind and body. 

Many people love to eat them roasted and salted. While this may taste yummy, roasting pumpkin seeds at high temperatures roast and salt em’ up. While may be tasty, roasting them at high temperatures destroys most of their vital nutrients. When you roast pumpkin seeds, they are more of a snack with some health qualities, rather than a healthy food per serving. That’s why, it’s crucial to keep them RAW so the nutrients out of pumpkin seeds are intact when you eat them.

Many of the nutritious properties of the seeds are found in the oil, and if it’s extracted properly, they won’t be damaged or eliminated, without comprising taste.

Healthy fats are a very important part of every diet and a big part of pumpkin oil’s nutritional profile. Our brains are made up of 80% fat. Thus, our brain needs essential fats to function properly.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, fats are “crucial for normal growth and development and for brain function, and they help to stimulate hair and skin growth, regulate metabolism, and maintain bone health and the reproductive system.” Pumpkin seed oil an essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties, called linoleic acid.

Here are the top 12 health benefits of pumpkin seed oil:

12 Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

  1. Replenish your magnesium levels: A serving of this oil contains 148% of your daily magnesium, which contributes to bone and tooth health, blood vessel relaxation and better focus. It also helps to soothe aches and pains. As we talked about in this post, it’s great for muscle recovery and performance whether you’re sore from a hardcore workout or just a more-vigorous-than-usual dog walk.
  2. Boost your immune system: Zinc is essential for immune system support and pumpkin seed oil has 71% of your body’s daily need. According to Dr. Mercola, “Zinc is important to your body in many ways, including immunity, cell growth and division, sleep, mood, your senses of taste and smell, eye and skin health, insulin regulation, and male sexual function.”
  3. Maintain your metabolism. Pumpkin seed oil contains 149% of your daily copper and 17% of your potassium. Both of these minerals are instrumental to metabolism support. Just a tablespoon or two a day can go a long way for your health!
  4. Prostate performance. Lots of evidence shows that pumpkin seed oil can prevent prostate enlargement — a major health issue for men over 60. Not only that, but it has even been found to reverse enlargement in men who are already experiencing the discomfort of an enlarged prostate.
  5. Makes your heart happy: Want to reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks? Pumpkin seed oil can help you accomplish that goal. According to “Pumpkin seed oil has high levels of phytosterols which are believed to help reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad type of cholesterol) by lowering its absorption when taken with a meal containing cholesterol.”
  6. Bladder benefits. Women with post-childbirth and post-menopause especially experience incontinence and bladder irritation. Pumpkin oil strengthens the muscles that support the bladder (which can help to prevent prolapse and stress incontinence) and also soothes bladder irritation, reducing urge incontinence. Bonus urinary health benefit: it prevents kidney stones, too.
  7. Supports your liver: Since pumpkin seed oil is a great source of healthy fats and antioxidants, consuming it can help support liver health. On top of that, using it in place of certain anti-inflammatory drugs can protect your liver from unnecessary damage. To back this fact up, William Gamonski at explains the studies: “the indomethacin-supplemented rats experienced increased levels of liver lipid peroxidation, an indicator of liver injury, whereas the pumpkin seed oil group experienced no side effects.”
  8. Sleep better at night: One of the most interesting components of pumpkin seed oil is tryptophan, which breaks down into serotonin, promoting restful sleep. Sleeping longer and deeply can help to lower your stress levels and increase your overall health.
  9. Protects your eyes: Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil contains high levels of zeaxanthin, an antioxidant that has been shown to protect your eyes from UV and blue light damage. Elders can benefit greatly from consuming pumpkin seed oil, as it can help with see better and prevents cataracts.
  10. Nourishes your brain: Zinc is important for ensuring proper communication between your brain and the rest of your body, and pumpkin seed oil is high in this mineral. Zinc also helps to enhance memory and focus, allowing you to concentrate and retain information more effectively. And as you already know, the heart healthy fats found in pumpkins supports a healthy brain.
  11. Eases the symptoms of menopause: Ladies rejoice as hot flashes and insomnia can now be a thing of the past, as research now shows that postmenopausal women could get some relief with the use of pumpkin seed oil. The natural phytoestrogens in pumpkin seed oil can help to lower blood pressure and provide relief from symptoms like hot flashes, headaches and joint pain. And ease the common menstrual cramps.
  12. Promotes a healthy inflammation response: Did you know that inflammation is the body protecting itself. Most of the aches and pains we experience daily are the result of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a normal, healthy response to injury, but excessive inflammation can actually cause more pain and discomfort, along with other health concerns. Luckily pumpkin seed oil can help with inflammation. Here is what says about pumpkin seed oil and inflammation: “Pumpkin seed oil has been found to exhibit anti-inflammatory effects. One animal study even found it worked as well as the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin in treating arthritis, but without the side effects.”


Have you heard of styrian pumpkin before? The pumpkins are not grown for eating, however, the seeds are considered valuable. The seeds from styrian pumpkins are very nutritious, and makes perfect styrian oil. These seeds are mineral-rich, teeming with healthy fatty acids and high in vitamin E. The deep green color of this nourishing oil comes from carotenoid and porphyrin phytochemicals, which have antioxidant effects. Prostate, bladder and kidney health all benefit from regular use of this oil.

Activation Products produces the world’s riches quality of pumpkin seed oils on the market! All made with 100% raw, certified organic and free from genetically modified organisms – their products will transform your life in ways you wouldn’t believe! They have a 5 seed oil mix which includes powerful oils like sunflower, amaranth, pumpkin,

While Activation’s Five Seed oil is an excellent way to get a plethora of benefits of many seeds in a bottle, pumpkin seed oil is nutty and yummy all on its own.

Now introducing… Panaseeda Stryian Pumpkin Oil from Activation Products! This is the best-quality pumpkin oil on the planet! That’s a bold statement, but is sure true especially coming from such a wonderful company like Activation Products. Their oils are so yummy and everyone who uses it, really see results!

Surprisingly enough, being that the flavor is so rich, you can add a teaspoon or two of this oil in smoothies, salads, dressings, sauces, dips, vinaigrette, and other gourmet recipes. Every time I add their oil into my salads and homemade marinated well-seasoned mung beans, the flavor is also enhanced.

And one thing I LOVE about Activation Products oils is their unique pressing process that they do to ensure there is no damage to the organic styrian pimpkin seeds. Once the oil has been pressed, it’s then stored in UV-protective Miron glass bottles to keep the oil fresh and nutritious.

Try Panaseeda Styrian Pumpkin Oil today and experience the many benefits! Take your recipes to a whole new level.

styrian pumpkin seed oil

Organic RAW Vegan Non-GMO Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil



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