I thank God, Jesus Christ my lord and savior who blessed me with the realization that I had to change my diet. I got enlightened to this diet called Vegan. Started educating myself on the diet and lifestyle of Veganism and was amazed of the hundreds of testimonials that I personally found and researched on that made me become a Vegan within a matter of days through my own studying. Found great inspirational and motivational people on youtube like Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of RawFullyOrganic.com and Dan McDonald- AKA- “The Life Regenerator ”  with Regenrate your life. I am grateful to this new diet change and the results I have achieved in less than 6 months. Lost 50 pounds of fat and my body hasn’t looked this good since I was 21. I now am proud to say that my daughter and I have converted to a Raw-Vegan lifestyle.

I now have more energy, stamina, clearer skin, feel much younger, more love and understanding with people and life. The list goes on and on. I am a testimonial that clean eating living foods is the best way to eat and have optimal health and more love in our hearts.

Real Living is Raw Living- Jay Bonet

Stay healthy my friends!


karen massey rw vegan queen
Karen Massey, the Raw Vegan Queen

When I was 44, I was overweight, miserable and snacking on junk food. I got a wake up call when I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I had the lump removed and was then told that the cancer had spread and I would now need a mastectomy. I went on the have my right breast removed. I was then told, that the cancer had spread even further into my rib cage. My surgeon told me to I needed to go home to recover for 6 weeks and on my return, I would need to have my top two ribs removed in order for him to reach the cancer. 

It was in those 6 weeks whilst I lay in bed, that my daughter lay on my bed with her laptop. We researched alternative cures for Cancer, we came across things like The China study, Gerson Therapy, Fat sick and nearly dead, forks over knives amongst many other. The very next day I bought a juicer which came with a Jason Vale juicing book. My daughter then brought me my first organic juice followed by 6 more every day for 6 weeks. I was too poorly to eat so it was easy to just drink juice. I also took 6 x 100mg Vitamin C capsules each day. After a couple of weeks, I felt so much better, that my daughter and I went for a colonic to clear out my system further.  

After the 6 weeks, on my return to see my surgeon, the relevant scans were done before they removed my ribs. Can you imagine how happy we were to be told the cancer was nowhere to be found, It had gone!  My surgeon and my Macmillan nurse were in shock. Where had it gone? It had definitely been there prior to my juice fast. 

My surgeon then suggested I had 6 weeks of chemotherapy. I refused this in favour of my diet. I am now 2 years cancer free and a raw vegan.

Karens Website: RawVeganQueen.com

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