The FASTEST Way To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

What every athlete should know about muscle recovery is found here in this post. 

We’ve all experienced muscle cramps and soreness at one point (if not more) times in our fitness life. While this may feel good and may indicate that you’ve worked hard, it can often times feel painful. If your muscles feel cramped, tensed or in pain, this is not a ‘feel good’ feeling you should ignore. If not addressed right away, it can lead to limping and maybe even worsen the cramp into an injury. 

Many fitness experts advise taking a break the next day or two from exercising if your muscle pain persists. While this is a good idea and should not be overlooked, nothing would be more joyful than to recover fast from muscle injuries. 

I mean, wouldn’t you like to workout hard and recover fast (maybe even that SAME day) from your sore muscles so you can go back strong at your workout tomorrow?!

Well, I’m about to share with you one of the top best ways you can effectively recover from ANY kind of muscle injury with this award-winning product called EASE magnesium. 


recover fast with ease magnesium

How EASE Magnesium Can Help You Recover Fast From Muscle Cramps
One of the fastest and most effective ways you can recover fast from any kind of muscle injures (such as cramps, soreness, pain, aches) is with magnesium! But not just any kind of magnesium… EASE magnesium from Activation Products is what you really want to use to treat your muscles. 
Magnesium is an essential mineral that’s required by virtually every cell in the body and is especially important for the health of our muscles. 

Many medical specialists are now advising that magnesium should be included in every athlete’s recovery process to help speed things up. 

We’ve written about the importance of magnesium here on 0medz0 before and the vital roles it plays in the body. One things that was not mentioned in the post was how this very crucial mineral is an essential building block for hundreds of chemical processes in our body. The muscles’ ability to relax and contract are very dependent on how much magnesium your body is getting. A body deficient in magnesium is a body dis-eased. 

Other factors affected by magnesium include nerve function, bone health, hormonal health, synthesis of proteins, fats and nucleic acids, and cardiac activity, the list goes on. Magnesium is the multi-tasking mineral your body is probably not getting enough of. 

To see if you’re magnesium deficient, read the symptoms here. 

Magnesium initiates compounds which help deliver something many refer to as ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Why is ATP critical? ATP is part in the metabolic procedure. At the point when your body separates ATP, the vitality that is discharged is utilized by your muscles.

The more you exercise and the harder you work out, the quicker your body consumes the vitality discharged from separating ATP.

In case you’re not getting enough magnesium, it can bring about low vitality levels and issues with muscle work.

leg cramps
Image source: Activation Products Blog

How Magnesium Relieves Muscles Cramps

Practicing outside for long stretches, she had been encountering serious cramping in her muscles.

Magnesium levels drop all the more immediately when you work out. This is the aftereffect of magnesium being helped out through sweat and pee which are created in more noteworthy sums amid physical effort.

Amid extraordinary exercise, magnesium moves from the blood plasma into the red platelets as a method for adjusting the loss of vitality ordinarily delivered by more elevated amounts of oxygen.

Basically, the less oxygen that your phones get (accordingly of serious exercise), the more noteworthy the development of magnesium from the plasma into the red platelets.

Competitors and other people who practice at high-power levels for amplified timeframes or individuals working in hot or sticky conditions frequently require more magnesium.

Delayed magnesium insufficiency can debilitate bones in light of the fact that the body needs magnesium with a specific end goal to utilize calcium, which keeps bones solid.

On the off chance that left untreated, magnesium insufficiency can likewise add to frailty, sporadic heart rate and even emotional wellness issues.

Magnesium is a fundamental building obstruct for our bodies. Important for about each concoction procedure and for the working of each framework in the body, magnesium is in some cases called the “ace mineral”.

To learn more about how magnesium plays a big role in muscle recovery, check out this informative blogpost from my friends over at Activation Products!

That’s why, its crucial to stretch well before you run or do any form of exercise, especially if it involves a lot of leg work. 


EASE Magnesium Testimonial

Often times, my father’s legs would get cramped up after a run. This is mostly because he’s not stretching enough before the run. Stretching before running, especially long distances is important and avoids any leg injuries. I always recommend that he sprays a few drops of EASE magnesium around his legs and rubs it in, while massaging his legs. This always does the trick and gets rid of his leg injuries FAST. I apply EASE magnesium spray on my ankles and feet and massage my feet and toes and I feel a tension relief! So EASE magnesium works magic for your tensed, sore and cramped muscles. 

Magnesium is not just the fastest way to speed up muscle recovery, but it’s also the most absorbable magnesium your body can absorb and breakdown. 

And another effective, soothing and relaxing way to really de-tangle any stress in your body and in your muscles is via a magnesium bathe with Activation Products EASE magnesium deep soak


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