The Importance of Proper Food Combining


This is a chart from the Optimum Health Institute. Their food combining chart is the ‘GO TO’ chart. There’s a lot out there my friends, but this is the one I endorse and invite you to follow.

When it comes to proper food combining, you should know what foods are great to combine. To avoid any bloat, gas, undigested food, etc., it’s important to know the importance of proper food combining. Melons should only be eaten on an empty stomach, alone. The reason why you should only eat melons alone and not with other fruits is because melons digest quicker, and when you combine melons with other fruits that digest slower – your digestion and bowel movement starts to slow down. I remember I used to eat melons with other fruits, and I really did notice a difference in my digestion! You see, melons digest quicker than most fruits. Fruits digest a bit slower than melons. Melons + fruits = bad food combining! 

I noticed when I used to eat melons with other fruits, my digestive system slowed down, and I didn’t use the bathroom quickly as I would if I just ate the melons alone. Actually, sometimes I wouldn’t digest my food when I combined melons with fruits! I did that experiment to see if it really was ‘true’ that you shouldn’t combine melons with other fruits. Well, I sure got my answer, didn’t I?!

So, the next time you eat a fruit salad, make a smoothie, juice, and want to add melons – hopefully you refer back to this post! Melons do not like to be shared! They want you to eat/enjoy them by themselves. Melons are selfish, huh?!

Let’s clarify: for proper digestion, eat melons alone on an empty stomach! Never combine melons with other fruits! Why? Melons digest so fast, unlike other fruits. When you combine melons with other fruits that digest slower, you have bad food combining, and sometimes, you don’t digest the food quickly, you may not even digest it at all, or it may take you longer time! Fermentation comes in and digestion difficulties  Melons will digest within minutes after being eaten. On the other hand, fruits that digest slower, it will mess with your bowl movement and back it up! Oy! Your digestive system will slow down. Read this great post to learn more about melons. Proper food combining is necessary for optimal health. 

If your digestion is sensitive and you come from a background where you have had digestive disorders or issues, then you may want to consider following these food combining basics.
Please remember: everybody is different. Just because you see a plant-based eater combining melons with bananas or with another fruit like a pineapple, it doesn’t mean that combination is going to work for your body. So, listen to your body and do what works best for YOU. 
Do’s and Dont’s About Food Combining:
  • Don’t combine sweet fruits with acidic fruits. 
  • Don’t combine melons with sweet fruits. 
  • Don’t drink liquids with your meals. 
  • Don’t combine sweet fruits with high-start veggies, unless you blend it. 
  • Don’t combine large quantities of fat with sweet fruits, unless blended. 
  • Don’t eat too many proteins at one meal.
  • Do combine sweet fruits with sub-acidic fruits
  • Do combine melons with other melons acidic fruits, juicy fruits and leafy greens and vegetables. 
  • Stay hydrated and drink water before meals, and wait at least 30-60 minutes after meals to drink water again. at least 15-20 minutes before 
  • Eat the water rich foods first, then the denser ones. 
  • Greens combine well with all foods, including melons. 
  • All dried fruit are sweet fruits. Thus, acidic fruits become sweet fruits when dried. 
  • It’s easier for your body to digest ONE food at a time. This is why monomeals are so excellent for your digestion. At least 1 monomeal a day, and your digestion will thank you.
  • When you blend foods, it becomes easily digestible and absorbs well than chewing your food manually. 
  • Since melons are high in water, it’s okay to combine them with water-rich fruits like cucumber, grapes, oranges, pineapple, apples, and other juicy, acidic fruits. 


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