Pineapple Green Juice

I made this juice for breakfast and it was delicious! I only had half of a pineapple 🙁 so I used half of it in this recipe, making the juice less sweet. But besides that, it was great. Sorry for the poor quality photos. As you can tell, I didn’t use my camera for these pictures. I guess these photos will have to do for now. Anyways – You wanna feel great with energy, look good, etc., MAKE THIS JUICE!

Pineapple Green Juice:
(Keep in mind, you can add more or less ingredients)
Whole or 1/2 pineapple, cut and sliced
1 head romaine lettuce (not shown in photo)
Whole stalk celery
Handful baby carrots or 3-4 large ones

Wash, cut, slice, and peel as needed. Juice it threw a juicer and drink! Happy juicing! =)













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Miliany Bonet

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