Nut Butter Filled Nectar Dates

nut butter nectar filled dates

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Want a quick-filling snack in a matter of minutes? Ok, so imagine this: dates filled with nut butter and drizzled coconut nectar, and dipped in chocolate. YUM! This is an easy and fast snack – anybody can do it. Literally. Even a 5 year old can. I became in love with this snack. Seriously, I can sit alone in a corner with a tray FILLED with these stuffed baby goodness. It’s just that delicious! =) This is all guilt free, low fat (actually, take out the nut butter and just add coconut nectar; it’ll be fat free!), and a quick n’ easy, raw vegan snack! You can enjoy as many as you’d like because these are GUILT FREE! You can even fill or dip them with chocolate sauce. Mmm….. heaven! 

jumbo medjool date

pitted jumbo medjool date

pitted cut open jumbo medjool date

 Dates are literally Mother Nature’s candy. (that’s why this is a naturally sweet raw vegan snack;) It is naturally sweet and tastes like caramel. They have different types of dates and not all of them were created grown equally. You’re probably familiar with Medjool dates, barhi, deglect noor dates, etc. In my opinion, the deglect noor dates are less sweet, even when soaked. The barhi dates (haven’t tried yet), but heard they taste similar to maple syrup! And my favourite dates by far, (you probably guessed it) MEDJOOL! Actually, in specific, JUMBO MEDJOOL DATES! Ahh yes, I love the taste!:) They are much more sweeter than the deglect noor. That’s why I recommend using Medjool dates in this recipe. Actually, did you notice that most raw recipes calls for Medjool dates in specific?

jumbo medjool dates and almonds in a jar

nut butter filled nectar dates & chocolate covered dates

Anyways, you can turn this into a meal, snack, or even enjoy for breakfast with a glass of nut milk if you’d like. Whichever way you enjoy it, it will be epic. This will satisfy you, fuel you with energy, keep you happy, smiling, full if you eat enough, and ALIVE! This would be a great post-workout snack as it will give you boost of energy. This would be great to serve at a party; just make a large batch. But I must warn you, these will not last very long – so good luck with that;) But I will guarantee you that you (and your guests, friends, or whom ever you choose to share them with) will fall in love with this snack – just as long as you like dates, nut butters, chocolate (who doesn’t love chocolate?), and coconut nectar. Share these with your sweethearts, family, friends, or complete strangers. These will sure make their day and life sweeter; that is if  they are date, nut butter and coconut nectar lovers. 

cashew butter filled medjool date

cashew butter date and coconut nectar

filled cashew butter date with raw coconut nectar

Oh, life and Mother Nature couldn’t get any sweeter then that?

jumbo medjool dates

 Don’t you just love the beauty of dates? I do =)

medjool jumbo dates

raw cashew butter, raw coconut nectar and jumbo medjool dates

nut butter filled nectar dates

 Mother Nature Candy filled with Nut Butter and Coconut Nectar:

INGREDIENTS(double up the dates and this makes a great snack)

Serves 1


1 jumbo or large medjool date, pitted

1 tsp cashew butter (or any nut butter of choice)

1 tsp raw coconut nectar


1 tsp raw cacao powder

1 tsp coconut oil, melted

1 tsp raw coconut nectar

OR choose one of these chocolate sauce recipes


for the DATES:

* Pit the date(s). Tear or cut (open) the date in the middle and fill it with the nut butter, chocolate, and coconut nectar. You can dip the dates in the chocolate, if you’d like. Pretty simple. Repeat for every date. EAT. Can be enjoyed with a glass of almond milk, too. mmm…. you will be in heaven! 😉 Enjoy Nature’s candy!

for the CHOCOLATE:

* Whisk or blend all ingredients in a bowl or blender. Mix until creamy and smooth. It should be thick n’ rich. Dip the stuffed butter nectar dates in the chocolate sauce. EAT. ENJOY every heavenly bite! 😉 Do you feel the love in every bite? Its love at first sight. 😉


     raw cashew butter and coconut nectar filled dates

nut butter filled nectar dates

"the date palm tree"


  • There are over 20 different types of dates (actually, over a hundred)!
  • One can survive on  just dates alone with water
  • Dates have everything that your body needs to sustain itself
  • Its a survival food
  • Dates are rich in fiber, stops constipation, contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, sulphurcopper, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and iron. 
  • provides energy 
  • Dates are the most nutrient-densed, dried fruits in the world!  
  • The Myans ate them after they came off a fast to avoid over-eating
  • They make the best, perfect meal =)
  • ohh….. i could go on and on, and continue to brag about how wonderful dates are – but i’ll leave you with these 9 important facts 😉
  • oh, one more important thing you should probably know about dates – they are addictive!! hehe ;P

Its just amazing – don’t you think?! Also, dates are fat free, yo! These facts alone makes them; like seriously, 20x more epic! 😉 Plus, they are wonderfully sweet:) Dates can be eaten and used many ways. I’m always being creative with them. I eat dates as my first staple food. Eat your dates, my raw foodies! 🙂 I can eat about 20-50 dates a day! You can NEVER (in my opinion) have too many;) Go share a date with someone. Most of the time they haven’t even heard, seen or tasted a date before. The best way to describe a date to someone who’s never heard of them before – they look similar to a jumbo raisin. Imagine a raisin much larger, chewier, sweeter, and tastier. Ohh, how sweet of you! 😉

jumbo medjool dates

This is why i love raw desserts 🙂

raw desserts heart


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