My Journey to Fully Raw Eating: The Full RAW Short Story

My journey to raw foods has been amazing, indulging and enjoyable. I sure learned a lot…! Here’s the short, but to the point, full story of my journey to raw foods! 
When I first transitioned to this lifestyle, I ate cooked vegan foods and enjoyed it. I transitioned as a vegan (I was vegan for 3 months), then was inspired to go fully raw, after watching FullyRaw Kristina’s videos on YouTube! I saw how amazing and vibrant her she looked, and I could feel her powerful, loving energy through her videos. She preached about the importance of eating a fully raw diet and lifestyle, I was inspired to feel those wonderful benefits, too, especially since I was seeking optimal health. 
So, thanks to Kristina’s inspiration and motivation, I was fully inspired to eat 100% raw! I told my dad (the one whom introduced me into this wonderful lifestyle!) “let’s go fullyraw!”, and he was inspired as well.
So, we did a 100 day fully raw challenge on August 16th, and felt amazing! My dad inspired me to go vegan, and I inspired him to go raw! Would you look at that… 😉
After the 100 day fully raw challenge, we were inspired to continue on eating raw for an additional 2 months, but incorporated a some cooked vegan foods here and there, like processed vegan cereal (although, I didn’t realize it was unhealthy and processed at the time) 
I went back and fourth from eating cooked vegan foods to fullyraw, and have definitely noticed the difference! Even when I committed to eating completely raw, I ate a few vegan foods here and there (it was usually store-bought and packaged). Although I did eat some vegan foods here and there (without knowing it was cooked!), I didn’t cook my foods, and I kept all the meals I prepared at home raw. For instance, nori sheets are hard to get raw. You can usually order the raw nori sheets online. The ones in stores are roasted. I knew it was roasted, and I made it OKAY because it was lightly roasted. Nutritional yeast is not raw, but I ate that in the beginning of my raw journey. These slip ups were very minor, and I still considered myself ‘fully raw’ because I didn’t eat COOKED vegan foods like I used to before, and I didn’t really count eating lightly roasted nori sheets as me NOT being fully raw any longer. This would be another reason to not call or label yourself. I eat a high raw, plant-based, low-fat lifestyle. That’s it. Those small slip ups don’t define me, do they?! 😉 And guess what? They don’t define you either!
I am happy to say it has been a success! I’ve been eating fullyraw for 2 years, and absolutely LOVE it! Eating raw is truly easy, simple and life-transforming. Raw living foods enhanced my health like no other foods I’ve eaten in my life! 

My body doesn’t have the desire to eat cooked foods anymore, and it feels amazing being 100% raw. Although I went back and fourth from eating cooked vegan foods to 100% raw to cooked foods… I transitioned to raw at my own pace and readiness. And I made it an OKAY exception if I ate lightly roasted nori, or baked coconut flour. I ate it under my OWN circumstances.

And I encourage others to do the same, also. This is transitioning to raw the healthy way! Everybody is different. Some transition to raw quicker than others, while others, it takes them days, weeks, months, or even years to truly be staunchly in a raw foods lifestyle! 

 raw vegan 3 logos
One of my raw food motivators, Dan McDonaldTheLivegenerator, didn’t go fully raw until 13 years into a vegan lifestyle! He’s very inspiring, and I highly recommend checking out his YouTube videos here

Remember, go at your own pace and don’t rush your way to raw foods. They say, “slow and steady wins the race”, so why rush your way there? 😉 


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