Miliany’s Big Hair Chop Story!

I will be sharing my hair transformation and my “big chop story” in this post today.

I’ve always desired to have long hair, although, it wasn’t always long (or even as long as I desired it to be) when I was younger. I have beautiful naturally curly hair that I didn’t really quite appreciate when I was younger, like I do now. It could be because I’m confident in my own skin, which helped boost the way I viewed my hair too. I would get a lot of compliments about my natural hair, but I hated my own hair.

Thinking about it now, hating my own hair was silly of me, because my hair is indeed beautiful, and I should be grateful for the curly locks that I have, as so many people in this world don’t have a head full of hair, or their hair is not healthy and keeps falling out, or simply wish they had my hair type. They say you never know what you have until you lose it, and I can sure resonate very well with that statement regarding my hair.

Reflecting back on the way I felt and cared for my hair back in 2012-2013, I made a mistake that I regretted for the longest time. And this mistake is what caused my hair to go through such a transformation, which is known as the “big chop.”

Prior to me transitioning to a raw foods lifestyle, my mom was my hair stylist. She always did and cared for my hair like it was hers. I wore my hair straight mostly all the time when I was in public and private school, and she was the one who straightened and prettied it up for me. She even washed it for me predominantly of the time, until I was 13 and started washing, caring and styling my own hair.

Now into The Big Chop Story…

One summer afternoon in 2012, I decided to wash my hair using Dr. Bronner’s bar soap since I didn’t have anymore of the shampoo and conditioner that I was using at the time. Plus, at around this time, I had just transitioned to a vegan diet and was eliminating any chemical, by products tested on animals.

I had just used Dr. Bronner’s bar soap, nothing else, to wash my hair and this is where my first regret comes in…. I comb my hair out while I was in the shower with all the soap still in my hair, and when I get to the back, there’s this really hard knot in my hair. I never had a knot do big before and I was really missing my mom at the time. The knot was a struggle to de-tangle. So I comb out the rest of my hair without a problem, leaving that big knot there, hoping maybe once my hair is dry or less wet, I will be able to have success with it. I must have spent about 20 minutes or so in the shower trying to de-tangle this knot, but my hair was just not having it :(.

So after I finished washing my hair and taking a shower, I continue to attempt to de-tangle the knot, but I still had no luck.

So I ask my dad if he could please help me de-tangle the knot for me, but he had no success either! ๐Ÿ™

The knot was so tight and bad, my father had to cut it off! This means that while the (front) left and right sides of my hair were long, the back of my hair was much shorter than the hair on the sides, leaving my hair uneven.

I didn’t pay it much mind at first. I left my hair looking uneven actually for maybe about 1-2 months before actually giving it the BIG CHOP! Yes, I walked around with uneven hair, but it went on longer than it should have and my mom decided to give me a hair cut and make my hair even. Although, it took my mom 2 hair cuts to make it complete even, my hair looked better than it did when both sides were long and the back was short.

This is what my hair looked like before giving it the first big chop. Oh how I miss my hair this length this so much ๐Ÿ™ย 
This is what my hair looked like from the back view, after giving it the first big chop.
Me with short, but long and growing hair. This photo was taken a few days after my big chop sadly ๐Ÿ™
me before my first big chop. You can’t tell but my hair was uneven in the back, since my knot was cut off ๐Ÿ™


Now, the story of my big chop doesn’t end here. There still one more part to the story before its complete. If you thought my hair was given a “big chop”, wait till you see my next BIG CHOP!

So, although my hair was shorter than it was before, I was quite happy with my hair length and results, especially since it growing quite rapidly after my first big chop.

The part that I regretted the most about my hair was not fully caring for it. I should mention that I started using my natural hair ever since becoming vegan in 2012 at age 13. That same year, I stopped using chemicals and animal products on my skin and hair, but also stopped drying and straightening my hair as well, as I had learned more about the way heat damages your hair severely. So I went natural all the way.

But just because I cut off my big knot the first time, doesn’t mean that it was the end of my knot days, because it wasn’t sadly…

You see, those with naturally culture hair like mine need to care for their hair in a special way. Straight hair is so much easier to handle and care for than curly hair (and honestly, that’s why I always wished I was born with naturally straight hair because it’s easier to care for daily). Thus, curly hair needs more special care and attention. You still have to brush your hair out everyday, but in a different way that doesn’t necessarily ruin or frizz your curls. The way to do so is by simply running your hair into your hair and wiggling your hair out. This way, the curls don’t lose their formation. Funny cause, my dad (who also has beautiful curly hair) taught me how to care for my curls, whereas my mom only taught me how to wash my hair and how to straighten it (but I was never really able to straighten my hair on my own as I didn’t quite have it down packed like my mom does).

My father then became my hair stylist, and was good at it!

This picture of me with my hair all styles and curled was done by my dad ๐Ÿ™‚


My father advised me to de-tangle my hair with my hands daily to avoid further knots, but I failed and got lazy to do that, and boy, did it cost me… Not a fortune, luckily, but a regret that I will never forget…

And this is where my SECOND BUG CHOP happens… Instead of my mom giving me the big chop, it was my dads turn now. He cut my knot off again and made my hair even. My hair was even shorter!!! Look at the picture below to see how short my hair really was!

back view of my hair

All because I got lazy and failed to de-tangle my hair, I got another big knot in my hair, which my dad laughingly calls a “birds nest.” LOl. This was quite saddening because now my short hair made me look like a boy, but long after, I started embracing the beauty in my short hair and kept thinking and reminding myself that hair grows and my hair will grow very quickly soon.

Well it’s now April 19, 2016 as I am writing this, and I got my second big chop sometime in March or April of 2014. Two years later and I’m still waiting for my hair to grow long like it was in 2012 and even in 2013. My hair is still not yet passed my shoulders, but much longer than when I had first gotten my second big chop.

This post turned out to be longer than expected, and I will end the story here.

A lot of you have asked me what hair care products I use for my hair, and I love Morrocco Method hair care products! I will write a review soon, but you can read my post about them here and check out their products in the meantime. They’re always having specials so be on the lookout for those if you’re interested in buying their products.

Moral of the story: always appreciate what you have. Don’t wait for something traumatic to happen in order for you to be grateful for something or someone. Appreciate it while you have it and be happy with it. Gratitude is the great multiplier and there’s always something to be grateful for. Remember, what you are complaining about that you have, someone else is wishing that they had it. Always be grateful. ALWAYS.


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