Ingredients in Soft Serve Ice Cream Trucks Will Make You Scream!

When I was a child, I remember getting excited when I heard the ice cream truck coming around my neighborhood. On a hot summers day, nothing sounded more refreshing to me than ice cream. Ice cream was my favorite dessert; I loved ice cream. However, what I didn’t know about ice cream at the time was, it was filled with toxic chemicals that are harmful for my mind, body, soul, and cells.

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Spring and summer is when the ice cream man will be driving around millions of neighborhoods, tempting kids for ice cream when they hear the sounds of the ice cream truck. If you think feeding ice cream “once in a while” to your kids is OKAY, you better think twice. What most parents and kids (ice cream eaters) may not be aware of is, the ingredients in ice creams today are TERRIBLE! Don’t believe me? Sure, your ice cream may taste “good” to you, but do you know what’s inside your ice cream? Let’s find out below… 

These Ingredients in Soft Serve Ice Cream Should Make You Scream

Unfortunately, owners of ice cream trucks and portable shops don’t have a clue of the ingredients that are inside their soft-serve ice creams. And if they did, they just care about profits. They may know the basics to their ingredients, like milk, sugar, whey, cream – but they don’t know everything that makes up a soft serve ice cream… And the worst part is, carcinogen toxin ingredients are ALLOWED in the production of ice cream making! 


To replace surface proteins and form the frozen-smooth consistency of ice cream, all soft serves must use emulsifiers. These emulsifiers are toxic substances, such as polysorbates, carrageenan, propylene glycol, guar gum, mono and diglycerides, and others. To make the soft-serve ice cream sweet and last long, artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives are added. The truth is, soft serve ice cream is nothing but a concoction of chemicals, that are very toxic and hazardous for children and their growing bodies.

We all know that (even the owners of ice cream shops and parlors can assure you of this, and they aren’t even aware of what formulas are in their frozen treats!) milk, cream, sugar, and whey are the main ingredients that make up ice cream, but that’s not all. Additional ingredients that are completely unnecessary to make these frozen treats are added, all in which are manufactured from conventional sources (we’re talking about a bunch of toxic pesticides, fungicides, GMOs and other cancerous toxins that make up ice cream today).

ALL These Ingredients Below Make Up 95% of All Soft Serve Ice Creams. Ingredients That’ll/Should Make You Scream! Also, a minimum of 3-5 stabilizers, emulsifiers and artificial flavors are added. Unbelievable!

Calcium Sulfate – Calcium sulfate is a commonly used lab and industrial chemical that’s used as a desiccant and coagulant (to dry and to clot). This ingredient has the potential to clog up your arteries, colon and other internal organs. Calcium sulfate in its unrefined state is a translucent, white rock that’s sourced from gypsum and anhydrite. Dehydrated gypsum is known as plaster, which is greatly used for repairing drywall or making casts. This substance is NOT intended for consumption as it can be very harmful. Commercially sourced calcium sulfate is animal-derived from a cow or pig, or synthetically manufactured.

Polysorbate 80 – Polysorbate 80 can negatively affect the immune system and cause severe anaphylactic shock, which can kill. According to Annals of Allergy, Asthma and ImmunologyVolume 95, Number 6, December 2005 , pp. 593-599(7), “it is of current relevance as a ‘hidden’ inductor of anaphylactoid reactions”, and “Polysorbate 80 was identified as the causative agent for the anaphylactoid reaction of nonimmunologic origin in the patient. The study included a pregnant woman who suffered anaphylactic shock after being given a IV drip of multi-vitamins containing polysorbate 80.”

Studies in Food and Chemical Toxicology show that Polysorbate 80 causes infertility, just like estrogen in soy does to the body. Baby female rats were injected with polysorbate 80 4-7 days after birth. Polysorbate 80 accelerated the rats maturing, causing hormonal changes, ovary deformities, degenerative follicles, vagina and womb lining changes.  

Scientists from World Intellectual Property Organization (which is part of the United Nations) are developing vaccines that are specifically made to damage fertility as a method of contraception. The suggested ingredient for the vaccine is polysorbate 80 (a.k.a “tween 80”). Scientists are very much aware of its dangers and its ability to cause infertility, but it’s still a preferred ingredient for them. 

Magnesium Hydroxide – Magnesium hydroxide is an inorganic compound that’s a common component of antacids and laxatives that interferes with the absorption of folic acid and iron. It can be used as a whitener in bleaching solutions, a deodorant, and a has fire-retarding and smoke-suppressing properties.

Xanthan Gum – Xanthan gum is made by by the Xanthomonas campestris bacteria during the fermentation process. The bacteria is introduced to a solution containing carbohydrates from corn, wheat, dairy, or soy. Fermentation begins and the polysaccharide xantham gum is produced into a byproduct.

In 1968, the USDA approved xantham gum as a food additive in the United States. This food additive is often used as an emulsifier in a very large percentage of ice creams and frozen treats around the world. A number of people develop an allergy to conventional xanthan chewing gum, with several gastrointestinal symptoms including, bloating, petrol and diarrhea. Even consuming a small amount can cause days of recovery and in the bathroom often than usual. Some people may experience reactions, such as migraine headaches and skin itchiness.

Corn Syrup Solids – Corn syrup, corn syrup solids and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are all made from corn, which are highly genetically modified (GMOs). High fructose corn syrup is labeled in America, unlike Canada and Europe, where it may be under the name glucose-fructose, instead of HFCS.

High-fructose corn syrup causes all sorts of health problems, such as behavioral problems (similar reactions when taking drugs, such as cocaine), causes insulin resistancediabeteshypertension, highers blood pressure, increased weight gain (promotes obesity), and manufactured from genetically modified corn. Since high fructose corn syrup is very high in fructose, it will give your child cravings for more sugar. High fructose corn syrup interferes with your hormones and tells your brain when you’re full, so it’s very easy (and common) to overeat on foods that contain HFCS for this reason.

Potassium Sorbate — The food industry and scientists are lying to the public by claiming that potassium sorbate is not a health threat because of its safety record and non-toxic profile. This is not true at all. Potassium sorbate is a carcinogen and causes toxic effects in the body.

Mono- and Diglycerides — Mono-diglycerides are commonly used as emulsifier agents in food. Mono-digylcerides are made from oils that have a hydrogenated and have a high mono-saturated fat content. Hidden trans fats are present in mono-digylcerides. Alcohol is combined to form an emulsifying agent. The only purpose for mono-digylcerides are to improve volume, increase shelf life and uniform structure. Any form of hydrogenated oils are detrimental to our health and their effects on our bodies are proven, as they’re documented.

Guar Gum — Guar gum (a.k.a guaran) comes from guar beans, producing mostly in powdered form. Manufactures like to use guar gum because it’s so cheap. Plus, you don’t have to use much of it to thicken up anything (in this case, ice cream). It’s used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, prevents oil droplets from coalescing, and it prevents solids from settling.

In the early 1990s, guar gum was banned in Canada and the United States. It was declared to be unsafe and ineffective for use in the diet, but then allowed in small doses in the food supply. Guar gum causes swelling in the stomach, feeling of satisfying fullness, dangerous intestinal and duodenal blockages, as well as abdominal cramps, nausea, flatulence and diarrhea. Studies show that guar gum used in soft serve ice creams link to rhinitis, asthma and the incapability of absorbing calcium, iron and zinc.

Sodium Phosphate —Sodium phosphate has a few names: sodium phosphate, calcium phosphate and phosphoric acid. These phosphates are used as food additives in hundreds of processed foods, including soft serve ice cream. Studies show that people with higher phosphate levels, including healthy adults, have a higher mortality rate. Sodium phosphates causes rapid amounts of ailments, such as chronic kidney disease, heart disease, accelerated aging, and interferes with the way your body activates vitamin D.

Soy Lecithin or Soya Lecithin —Soy lecithin is a byproduct of soybean oil’s “degumming” process.Lecithin is an oily substances that’s found in some plants and animals, like soybeans and egg yolks. Its a waste product containing pesticides and solvents, with a consistency of a gummy fluid to a plastic solid. Before soy lecithin is bleached to a light yellow color, the original color of lecithin varies from a tan to reddish brown. Soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier in the majority of foods, including soft serve ice cream.

Carrageenan — Carrageenan is an emulsifier, stabilizer and a carcinogen. It comes from seaweed or algae extract, found commonly in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s been found that carrageenan impairs and depress the cell-mediated immunity and causes a rapid increase in tumor growth. Carrageenan has a degenerative effect on the white blood cells. Do you think your cells are going to be happy if you eat foods that contain carrageenan? I don’t think so.

Artificial Flavors, Dippings, Toppings — If you ordered a soft-serve ice cream with strawberry syrup or chocolate syrup, the following ingredients would come along with your ice cream: High fructose corn syrup, corn syrup (again!), sugar, E330 citric acid, E405 propylene glycol alginate, E412 guar gum, E413 tragacanth, E414 acacia, modified corn starch, E296 malic acid, E211 sodium benzoate & E202 potassium sorbate, artificial flavours, E129 FD&C Red No. 40, E133 FD&C Blue No. 1. Sound yummy? Sounds more like a chemical concoction to me.

The world’s largest ice cream chains, such as Baskin-Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, Mr. Softie, Dairy Queen and Haagen-Dazs, all use the above chemical ingredients in their soft serve flavors. Even all local ice cream parlors include the above ingredients, as well. My suggestion to you: stay away from the ice cream trucks/man! 

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So, the next time your child asks you to buy him/her ice cream, don’t do it! Sit down with your child and educate them on the dangers of the ingredients that are in ice cream. Instead, make a healthy version of ice cream, called “banana whip.” Banana whip is a healthy, raw vegan, soft serve ice cream the real ice cream recipe! You’ll feel proud for feeding your kids banana whip, rather than the soft serve from ice cream trucks. Parents, think twice before you buy ice cream for your kids. It’s NOT worth it.


Here’s a Guilt-Free, Healthy, Raw Vegan, Soft Serve Banana Whip Recipe, that you can actually feel good about feeding your kids! CLICK HERE for the banana whip recipe!



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