Yup, I’m currently not eating fully raw due to the temporary circumstances in my life. I won’t get into details nor will I get too personal, but I’ve made it an EXCEPTION and OKAY to include cooked starches into my lifestyle at the moment. I was also craving cooked foods again, and I EMBRACE it.
I typically eat a high-carb, low-fat, raw vegan lifestyle and that way of eating makes me feel amazing and ALIVE. After eating fully raw for 2 years, I craved it during late summer of 2015.
Am I enjoying cooked vegan foods? Yes. Im living in the moment. Am I going to eat cooked vegan foods long-term? No. Like I said, this is only temporary. I will soon be going back to my eating fully raw like I used too.
I don’t even crave cooked foods, as I am completely satisfied with my raw living foods, however, I felt it was a good choice to opt for starches when I’m not high on carbs (although I thrive carbing up☺).
My body feels and reacts to cooked foods much differently (example: bloated after cooked meals, slower digestion, etc) compared to when I eat raw living foods. Even though I am making it OKAY and an EXCEPTION to eat cooked foods, I feel my very best when I eat fully raw. It’s important to know what works best for you; a high carb, low fat, raw living foods lifestyle works optimally for me.
I find that starches are actually good substitutes for the carbs from fruits.
I am basically keeping it simple with my eats: banana ice cream for breakfast and starches like yucca, sweet potato, plantains, and quinoa for lunch and dinner (with much variety as possible). I’ve been enjoying these simple vegan meals so far, and I’ll possibly add them into my transitioning to vegan ebook launching soon!
One of the reasons why I felt compelled to share this with you all, is because I know this could help someone who’s transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, but keep falling off the wagon. I’ve been vegan for 3 years and fully raw for 2—I sure know what works best for me and my body, and what makes my body and cells happy. Some thrive on a high carb, vegan starch diet while others thrive on a high (raw) fruit diet. Whatever works for you, do it. Now, im  not saying if eating meat works for you, then continue eating it. No, that’s NOT what I mean. I mean, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, NOT YOUR MIND. Think about it: does your body want that cheeseburger or does your mind want it??… Can you tell the difference?
Just because I’m making it a vegan exception to eat cooked vegan foods now, it does NOT mean I’m going to eat vegan junk food. Exceptions have limitations. Do your best to keep and maintain sanest much as possible. Listen to your gut, too.
Okay, that’s enough with my little rant about MAKING EXCEPTIONS ON A PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE. The second best thing second to CARBS are STARCHES. I feel good eating starches and I’m NOT beating myself up for it. You gotta be able to be at peace with the decisions you make. If your decisions don’t bring you peace and happiness, then it’s probably not the best decision. Choose wisely and make healthy eating choices. Beating yourself up is not a healthy choice nor a healthy relationship with yourself, and it’s certainly NOT the answer.
So if you’re just starting out raw or vegan and fall off the wagon, please don’t beat yourself up for it! Make the healthier and smarter decision next time and continue on with the healthy lifestyle. Get back on the wagon and never give up on yourself. Remember, slip ups here and there don’t define you.
Much love and stay cool and fruity 😉


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Miliany Bonet

Miliany Bonet is an 18 years young, world renowned, raw vegan teen who is passionate about a raw foods diet and lifestyle. She runs and owns 3 websites, all in which are based on veganism. With a strong passion and desire to share her love for a raw foods lifestyle, Miliany has inspired many people from all walks of life to adapt a healthier lifestyle, with more raw living foods. Miliany is a Writer, Author, Blogger, a Serial Entrepreneur, a Book Publisher, a Researcher, a Learner of Life, a Geek, and a Designer. Check out Miliany's blogs at RawVeganLivingBlog.com and TransitioningToRaw.com

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