The Fastest Way To Detox and Recover Your Damaged DNA & Cells from GMO Foods

It’s no secret that genetically modified organisms cause your cells and DNA to be damaged. If you’ve never heard of genetically modified organisms (often abbreviated to GMO), then I don’t know where you’ve been living or if you’ve fully been awake and AWARE to what’s going on in this world. 
Genetically modified organisms are foods that have been altered and has taken the DNA from another species, typically like from another animal and injected into a plant. For instance, let’s say, a farmer grows tomatoes and strawberries on his farm. The farmer uses GMO seeds to grow his produce, and also injects each of his tomatoes and strawberries with genetically modified organisms deprived from a fish. Sounds gross, but this is exactly how GMO produce are grown! GMOs are deprived from the genes of a species and injected into plants and our crops! But not all produce is grow this way., thank goodness….!  
Science has it that genetically modified organisms have the potential to alter the DNA of humans and all species that consumes GMO foods. Lab rats that were used as GMO experiments, have grown large quarter sized tumors on their backs due to the consumption of eating foods that were genetically modified with organisms from an animal! 
GMOs are found in literally all processed, junk foods. But luckily, it can be avoided by choosing to eat organic foods, either from a trusted food company or foods you grow yourself at home, organically. 
GMOs affects the lives and health of everyone who consumes these Franken foods – it’s literally no joke. 
One way you can take control of your health and detox and cleanse your body and cells from the damages that eating genetically modified organisms does on the body, is to take superfoods such as Marine Phytoplankton. Now, I don’t just recommend you take any marine phytoplankton you find on the market. Those are usually made and filled with pollution and containments. The company and brand I recommend is from Activation Products. 
Activation provides the world’s best, purest and cleanest marine phytoplankton in the world! The reason why Activation stands out from the rest is because they provide QUALITY, which makes all the difference and matters 100%. 
The CEO and founder of Activation has lost a lot of weight by implementing marine phytoplankton oceans alive daily in his diet. Take a look at his before and after photos below and get inspired: 
As you see, Ian has been through quite a transformation himself. Marine Phytoplankton Oceans Alive was his number one staple for repairing his damaged DNA and cells. 
The majority of American’s eat genetically modified organisms. and we all have at one point in our lives, unfortunately. Genetically modified organisms affects us all differently, but the main cause is DNA and cells damage. 
Here are some of the damages GMOs do on the body: 
  • causes autism
  • changes your DNA – if your interests in things have changed, chances are, it’s a cause of GMOs. 
  • weight gain 
  • liver and cell damage 
  • heart complications
  • stomach issues
  • causes all sorts of chronic issues to arise 
  • memory loss
  • feeling depressed, frustrated often, and high stress levels 
  • headaches
  • colds, flu, viruses 
  • irritated sin 
  • mental changes (loss of mental focus, not able to easily comprehend the simplest things, etc) 
  • bone density
and much much more. 
GMOs affect us all differently, but one thing they do to everyone who consumes GM foods is damage our DNA and cause our cells to deteriorate, especially if you’ve been eating GM foods for years. 
Luckily though, you can take control of what you and your family eat by making wiser and more conscious choices. Here are ways you can avoid eating GMOs, how to tell which foods are genetically modified and how you can recover fast from GMOs. 
#1 – Choose Organic 
We’ve all heard that organic is the way to go, but did you know, there are about 3 different kinds of organic labeling with different meanings? has the breakdown:

Products Labeled as “100% Organic” or “Organic”

Products labeled as “100% organic” must contain only organically produced ingredients and processing aids, excluding water and salt. No other ingredients or additives are permitted.

Products labeled “organic” must contain at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt). Any remaining ingredients must consist of non-agricultural substances that appear on the NOP National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. The full list of substances is available on the USDA NOP website.

Products meeting either of these labeling requirements may display these phrases, as well as the percentage of organic content, on the product’s principal display panel.

Organic products bearing either of these labels must be grown, handled and processed without the use of pesticides or other synthetic chemicals, irradiation, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or bioengineering. The USDA seal and the seal or mark of the organic certifying agent(s) may appear on product packages and in advertisements.

Products Labeled as “Made with Organic Ingredients”

Processed products that contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients can use the phrase “made with organic ingredients” and list up to three of the organic ingredients or food groups on the principal display panel. For example, a soup made with at least 70 percent organic ingredients and only organic vegetables may claim “soup made with organic peas, potatoes, and carrots” or “soup made with organic vegetables.”

Similar to other organic products, processed products labeled “made with organic ingredients” cannot be produced using any processes prohibited by the NOP. The percentage of organic content and the certifying agent’s mark may be used on the principal display panel. However, the USDA seal cannot be used anywhere on the package.

Processed Products Containing Organic Ingredients

Processed products containing less than 70 percent organic ingredients cannot use the term “organic” anywhere on the principal display panel. They are permitted to identify specific ingredients that are organically produced on the ingredients statement on the information panel.

Other Organic Food Label Claims

The NOP does not have any restrictions regarding the use of other truthful labeling claims such as “no drugs or growth hormones used,” “free range” or “sustainably harvested.” While claims of being gluten-free or kosher may also be on the labels of some organic products, these claims are separate from any claims of organic certification noted on the label.

#2 – Look For the “Non-GMO Project Verified” Seal from the Project 
Chances are, you’ve seen the “non-GMO proect verified” label on products. This is a good indicator and such a safe way to stay avoid products with GMOs in them. If you haven’t herd about the project and/or want to learn more about them, check out their website here,  In short, the Non-GMO project are an independent organization that verifies products that contain NO GMO ingredients in them.
click on the image to see how your food gets the Non-GMO project label
Many food companies nowadays are seeking this verification for their products that don’t have any genetically modified ingredients in them.  Surprisingly, even Cheerios (yupp, the famous cereal from General Mills) no longer contains GMOs now!
#3 – Grow Your Own Garden of Food!
This is seriously another great way to know exactly what you’re eating. Seeds Now provide NON-GMO seeds for vegetables. Growing your own food rest assures you’re not eating any GMOs. 
#4 – Avoid Buying Foods That Are Owned By Monsanto
Now, this may sound a bit confusing but ti’s true and important to know. Even though a product has the Non-GMO project label on it, it doesn’t mean that you are NOT supporting Monsanto and there MAY be traces of GMOs in your food.
Fortunately though, the best way to avoid supporting anything that Monsanto owns/controls is to avoid the lit of companies below that Monsanto supports. Here’s a printable list of companies Monsanto owns. You can bring with you when you go shopping or memorize these company names.  
The Best Way to Detox Fast from Damaged DNA and Cells is with Activation Oceans Alive 2.0 Superfood! 
Protect your family, friends and loved ones by educating and sharing this knowledge with them. GMOs does a lot of damage on our bodies, but luckily, there’s a way to reverse the damage it has caused, thanks to the most amazing superfood on earth! It’s called Marine Phytoplankton Oceans Alive, and without this miraculous superfood, you or anyone or anything would not be alive today.
Marine Phytoplankton is responsible for over 90% of all life on earth, living, breathing and even not breathing, such as the air we breathe and the oxygen we inhale. 
If you’re looking to increase your energy levels, lose weight, reverse aging, and repair your damaged cells and DNA, you need Marine Phytoplankton in your life! With just a few drops a day, your health will transform right before your eyes. 
If you’re just starting out with marine phytoplankton, make sure you start slow by adding ONE drop into your juices, water or food, otherwise, too much of it will cause you to have diarrhea, due to the high amounts of magnesium in Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton. 
Please do your own research on the dangers of genetically modified organisms. Watch documentaries, such as GMO OMG which is available free on Netflix. There are countless of resources out there to backup what I’m saying to be true. 
Don’t listen to those who say GMOs are safe and they could stop world hunger. This statement is a fat out lie and should not be believed. 
For starters, here’s a post on the top 10 genetically modfied foods to avoid eating


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