The Power of Probiotics & How It Can Significantly Change Your Life!

I attended The Healthy Gut Summit earlier this year, and learned from 32 experts about gut health. Although, not all the speakers on the summit ate a plant­-based lifestyle, I sure learned a lot from them about this vital topic.

Probiotics have gained rapid popularity in the media, and praised by many health enthusiasts. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of probiotics and the health of our gut/digestive tract.

While attending the summit, I learned how the gut works and how the gut is connected to our brain (gut brain), the importance of keeping good, bacteria flora, how to culture your foods, and more. All the topics were based around the gut. This is a very important topic, as 70 million people suffer from chronic digestive disease in the United States alone! Plus, millions more worldwide! The non-friendly, pathogenic bacteria that often lives in our digestive tract causes all the chronic diseases many people suffer from today. 
In this post, I’m going to share with you what I learned at The Healthy Gut Summit on the importance of probiotics and a bit about keeping your gut health working optimally!
What are Probiotics?

The word, ‘probiotics’ is a scientific for ‘friendly’ or ‘beneficial bacteria’. The word is also derived from the two greek words: “pro” means to signify promotion of, and “biotic” means life (or relating to life). So the word “probiotic” means “to signify promotion of life”.


Probiotics are living, microbial, bacteria that work to balance the non-friendly bacteria (or flora) that often live within our digestive tract. These “good bacteria” work synergistically to prevent and heal many of the known diseases, illnesses and ailments that many folks are diagnosed with. 

Probiotics like L. Acidophiilus basically create a natural and healthy form of antibiotics in the body, helping to improve and increase our ability to make anti-microbial activity against the pathogens found from the foods we eat, air we breathe and the things we touch. 

Probiotics vs Antibiotics: What’s the Difference?

When you breakdown both of the words: probiotics ad antibiotics, one sounds more friendlier than the other one. The word “probiotics” literally means life giving, whereas “antibiotics” means to destroy life.

Antibiotics work simultaneously to kill the bad bacteria that cause infections, while destroying the friendly, beneficial bacteria that fight infections. Probiotics, on the other hand, help to keep our intestinal tract a healthy environment, filled with 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria.

Why Probiotics Are Important?

Probiotics are very crucial for many reasons, and maybe more important than you may think! Probiotics are the key elements to our overall, optimum health, well-being and performance. Since these friendly, beneficial bacteria are naturally found (and start) in the soil, and we’re supposed to be getting it through the foods we consume. However, this sin’t true. Due to soil depletion and the ridiculous amount of harsh pesticides and fertilizers found in our soil, unfortunately, we can’t rely on the farmers whom grow our produce and eating a healthy diet anymore to support and provide us with all the nutrients we need. That’s why, it has becomes SO crucial to incorporate probiotics and fermented foods into our diet, to enhance our overall health (especially the gut) and be sure we’re getting our nutrients meet. 
Health and death begins in the gut. Therefore, the root cause of ALL diseases that many people suffer from today, are all linked to poor gut health. There’s only one disease; it’s called toxemia. Toxemia is a build up of toxins in the body, gut and cells, and causes dis-ease. Fat is NOT fat. Fat is toxins stored in our fat cells. If pathogens are in our cells and digestive tract, our bodies will become more prone to all sorts of diseases and ailments. Without these friendly bacteria in our gut, our bodies become the perfect host to diseases, toxins and pathogens, which can affect our overall well-being and health.
HEALth Benefits of Probiotics
The benefits of probiotics are endless and simply life-changing and amazing. Probiotics help to prevent and heal the body from an array of diseases and pathogens, while simultaneously culturing the foods eat and balancing a happy, healthy gut/digestive/intestinal tract. 
By incorporating probiotics into your daily life, you will see improvements that are significant, such as the following: 
* supports a well-balanced, happy and healthy digestive tract/gut with 85% beneficial, friendly bacteria, and 15% bad bacteria 
* improve your digestion and supports smooth move and healthy bowels daily
* eliminates, prevents and heals common diseases, including colon cancer (and cancers of all types), diabetes, obesity, autism, poor eyesight, urinary tract infections, allergies, headaches, chronic constipation, yeast infections and candida, leaky gut, and all other diseases you can think of!
* supports a strong immune system and bones
* promotes longevity 
* improves sleep 
* balances hormones and great for weight loss
* improves your mood
* regenerates your cells 
tonifies the body, supports a lean body and promotes a flat stomach
* reduces and decreases water retention and bloating
* improves the function of your gut brain
* improves your overall health and well-being
What To Look For In Probiotics + Different Forms of Probiotics
Although probiotics are great for enhancing your overall health and well-being, not all probiotics on the market are created with quality ingredients. I remember when I first learned about probiotis and considered using them into my lifestyle to enhance my health, I was disappointed quite a lot in my search for good quality, vegan probiotis. The problem with most probiotics is, they aren’t really proteolytic, which is the process of breaking down proteins into amino acids.
You want to avoid probotics made with cassein, lactobacillus, maltodextrin, and genetically modified organisms. There are anywhere from 15-50+ billion living enztmes found in probiotics!
The best probiotic that I love, use and recommend are from PuraDyme. They’re probiotics and enzymes are all made with quality, love and gratitude (if you’ve watched Lou Corona’s videos, you know what I mean), and derived from organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, raw vegan ingredients you can feel more than confident about using. And their probiotics are proteolytic rich! All their products are amazing, and it enhances optimum health. 99.99% of folks need probiotis in their life! 
Probiotics come in different ways: liquid, powered, capsule form, and in the form of fermented, cultured foods. Depending on the probiotic source, some will contain more living cultures by the billion than others. Apple cider vinegar, coconut yogurt, kefir, psyllium husk (although it’s not a fermented, nor cultured food, it helps to clean out the colon), cacao beans and nibs, kimchi, pickles, kombucha, and natural laxative teas are all good examples of fermented foods. You can culture your own foods right from home, simply by allowing it to ferment with probiotics. Learn how here. Although dairy products are also fermented with beneficial cultures, it’s not the best and healthiest option for consuming ANY nutrients. You can obtain your benefical bacteria naturally through plant-based sources (the ones mentioned here are all great options).
So, if you want good health and a life free from illnesses and diseases, clean and fix your gut first!
Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the colon and gut and our gut brain connection! 

Everyone can benefit from taking probiotics, including children and dogs!


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