Why You Should Drink The Daily Morning Detox Elixir Every Morning of Your Life!

The way we start our day can impact our health, and starting it off right is important. I didn’t know how important it was, until I became a raw vegan, two years ago. When you wake up, your body needs to wake up, too. When I was a meat-eater, I would eat breakfast almost immediately, without giving my body time to wake up (because when we wake up, our bodies needs to wake up, as well). Being a raw vegan now, I have put a hiatus to that unhealthy habit, and adopted a new healthy one!
Why You Should Drink The Daily Morning Detox Elixir Every Morning For The Rest of Your Life!
Daily Morning Detox Elixir recipe card
Water is a natural remedy for many health problems, such as arthritis, reduces the risk of cancer, reduces bloating, helps flush toxins from the body, improves digestion and reduces constipation, helps you lose weight, promotes healthy and radiant skin, clears the skin, increases energy levels, and so much more.
The type of water we drink is very important. The water we drink should be clean, purifying and alkalizing. Did you know, that 95% of bottled water is acidic and not structured properly?!
Distilled water is the best drinking water, because it’s alkalinizing (balances pH), pure, clean, and structured properly, promoting optimum health and well-being. Filtered water is the second best option, however, reverse osmosis filters still contain fluoride in the water. Luckily, you can remove fluoride and other heavy metals in your water using a filtration system called, Zero Water!
I’ve been using Zero Water filtration system to filter my reverse osmosis filtered water for 2 years. Its been tested that Zero Water removes heavy metals in the water, including fluoride! This is great news, because fluoride is very difficult to remove. I highly recommend that you invest in a Zero Water filter to filter your water.
Tap water is not good for us (nor is it acceptable to drink. Tap water is banned in other countries, other than the USA) because its filled with harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride. If you’re not aware of the dangers of chlorine and fluoride, I highly recommend that you research their dangers. I highly suggest that you never drink tap water. Also, if your shower head is not filtered, chances are, you’re bathing in chlorinated and/or fluoridated water. You may want to change that….
Lemons are more nutritious than limes, providing an array of health problems. Lemons balance the pH levels, increases energy, aids in digestion, prevents and alleviates constipations, clears up the skin, excellent for weight loss, boosts immune system, protects against kidney stones, reduces breast cancer, prevents and helps with bloating and inflammation when they strike, boosts metabolism, flushes toxins from your body, cures and prevents colds, flus, diseases, and other illnesses, and so much more! The benefits are just outstanding! I love lemons, and to me, they’re a superfood.
Unlike conventionally grown lemons that are sprayed with synthetic pesticides that prolong their shelf life, organic lemons last longer in the fridge, since they are free from chemicals. Whenever you buy non-organic citrus fruits, its always best to wash off the skin (I like to use Dr. Bronner’s magic soap!) to remove the harsh chemicals on the skin.
Cayenne pepper is one of the most amazing superfoods on the planet! Its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, good for heart health, promotes weight loss, improves digestion, removes toxins from the body, clears up the skin, aids in weight loss, prevents and assists bloating and inflammation, promotes hair growth, removes toxins from the body, removes toxins from the body, fights off cancer, helps with allergies, aids, in detoxification, and so much more!
Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best vinegars you can possibly use. Its alkalizing and balances the pH, excellent for weight loss, improves gut flora, clears up the skin, improves digestion, prevents diseases and illnesses, purifies the blood, prevents and fights against heartburn, prevents and helps with bloating and inflammation, and so much more!
Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apples, and is pure, organic and raw. Ditch your regular, alcohol vinegar, and start using ACV! This vinegar is so safe to use, you can drink it!
Stevia is a sweet plant, that makes an excellent alternative to sugar, because it contains zero calories and zero glycemic index. This plant provides an array of amazing health benefits. Stevia contains powerful antioxidants, protects your DNA from damage, great for weight loss, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, helps with obesity, relieves allergies, improves energy levels, helps with chronic fatigue, strengthens immune system, helps with chronic fatigue, and more!
Stevia is the BEST sugar alternative in the world, and its my absolutely favorite sweetener, of choice. You can eat literally eat POUNDS and POUNDS of stevia WITHOUT gaining an ounce of weight! It won’t even spike your blood sugar levels, at all! Nothing can beat stevia. Check out my post about stevia HERE to learn more about this wonderful sweet herb. In the post, I also mention which stevia brands you should avoid and which ones you should buy.
Ginger is a powerful root thats spicy and provides an array of amazing health benefits. Adding ginger to the Daily Morning Detox Elixir is optional, but if you have it on hand, I recommend grating a pinky-size piece and adding it to your water. Adding ginger would boost it to a whole ‘nother level!
Ginger is great for naturally dealing with morning sickness, excellent for weight loss, boosts metabolism, prevents and fights colds, flus, diseases, and other illnesses; flushes toxins and waste from the body, improves digestion, prevents and fights colon cancer, relieves allergies, headaches and migraines; reduces pain, bloating and inflammation; a natural relief for menstrual cramps, and so much more!
Ginger has been used medicinally for centuries, and has many healing properties, including detoxification. You can use ginger for juicing, adding it to your tea (or make tea!), smoothies, unbaking goodies, and in your water. Fresh ginger is better than the powder, as fresh is always best.


Benefits of Drinking This Elixir Every Morning
  • promotes mental clarity
  • combining cayenne pepper with lemon boosts metabolism, leading to weight loss
  • clears up acne
  • increases vitality
  • improves digestion
  • purifies the blood
  • makes you feel lighter
  • boosts energy levels
  • detoxifies the liver
  • speeds the detoxification process
  • prevents diseases and illnesses
  • promotes optimum health, so you never have to get sick or disease again! (also, prevents illnesses and diseases, if you have!)
  • prevents cancer and so much more!
For best results, drink the Daily Morning Detox Elixir first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, before eating or drinking anything (other than this elixir of water, of course), for 60 minutes (or more).
I’d like to know – how do you start your day? Do you drink this elixir, already? if not, will you start making this your morning routine? Tell me in the comments!



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