Are Conscious, Mindful Clean Eaters Orthorexic? My Thoughts & Opinions

I’ve been seeing this topic float around lately on the Internet, so I thought I’d share my thoughts and opinions on Orthorexia. What is Orthorexia? Are vegans Orthorexic? And how does one become Orthorexic?

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First off, What is Orthorexia? 
As defined by the Urban Dictionary, Orthorexia is an eating disorder in which one is obsessed (‘obsessed’ is the key word) with only eating foods that one would consider ‘healthy’ and avoiding the ones that are unhealthy. As many of us know, an obsession is unhealthy. 
Now, many may accuse vegans of having this eating disorder, as we avoid foods that are unhealthy to our temple. But just because you choose to avoid junk food and eat only foods that are healthy, does that make one Orthorexic as defined by the dictionary??
How does one become Orthorexic and Are vegans Orthorexic?
Someone does NOT become Orthorexic by simply avoiding junk foods, as agrees. Rather, Orthorexia is caused when someone is mentally obsessed with eating ONLY healthy foods, and beat themselves up (aka punish) for eating unhealthy foods. Other emotion factors are involved in this eating disorder, and you often punish yourself for choosing to eat unhealthy foods. This obsession over food causes an eating disorder and can be physically unhealthy. Often times, Orthorexic individuals restrict themselves and don’t allow variations to get in their diet. Veganism is far from being restrictive or depriving. It’s really all how you make it.
It’s a common misconception that vegans are Orthorexic because we are often mindful, conscious and clean eaters, avoiding ingredients like dairy, eggs, sugar, and anything with that comes from an animal and even food colorings, artifices flavorings and dyes. But just because someone is a mindful, conscious and clean eater, does that make them Orthorexic?
Here are my thoughts and opinions on Orthorexic
I agree, people can become obsessed with what they put into their mouth. Some are a bit obsessed, while others are overly obsessed. This obsession, to any extent, can become physically, mentally and emotionally unhealthy to your body. For instance, if you eat something that’s out of your lifestyle choices, you’ll freak out and punish yourself for it. Now, my questions concerning Orthorexic are, is one Orthorexic just because they accidentally eat meat, sugar or dairy in their food and they get upset over it and kinda beat themselves up for it and they feel terrible? Yeah, you may be upset with yourself because you should have read the labels, but this can happen when you eat out and are not conscious…
Are vegans (or anyone, but particularly vegans) orthorexic just because they question labels, question what they eat if they didn’t prepare it themselves and are cautious and mindful at what they put in their mouth?
I don’t believe vegans or anyone would be considered Orthorexic just because they are the smart and mindful ones to read labels, question their food choices and strive to be healthy (and clean eaters) and avoid the ingredients that are toxic to their bodies. Having a healthy relationship with your body is essential, and says a lot about an individual because it shows how much you love your body and self. You should Love yourself so much to live a healthy lifestyle and make mindful, smart choices. Mindful eating does NOT mean Orthorexia. If you don’t love your yourself, you often settle for less and choose to make poor eating decisions. I don’t believe being a cautious, mindful and clean eater means you have some kind of eating disorder. The worst eating disorders are the ones that are done with no self love. Because if you truly loved yourself, you would nourish and feed your body with the best fuel possible. And if that’s not available, then make it OK and an EXCEPTION. Don’t punish yourself for it. For instance, if a vegan goes out to eat a vegan restaurant but the food has salt and oil, the vegan can either reject to eat the food or eat the food and not stress about it, and detox when they get home (I just gave you all a tip ;)!)
I just wanted to put my thoughts and opinions out there as there are a lot of controversy out there about this topic. Hope you enjoyed reading my point of view and please free to add your comments below. I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions and power share with others because sharing IS caring.
I’d like to get as many thoughts and opinions possible on this post/topic. Please comment below what are your thoughts and opinions on orthorexia. Is it an eating disorder that are developed by those who are very mindful at what they put in their mouth or an eating disorder by rise who are overly obsessed at what they put in their bodies, it becomes an unhealthy relationship with themselves? Let me know!
Peace be with you, xoxox
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