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Thank you for your interest in advertising with us! Please read through below for information on why you should advertise with us (the benefits), how advertising with us works, privacy policy, and terms of service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

Why Advertise With Us

All 3 of our websites get well over 4-6 thousand visitors per day. We get impressive unique visitors a day. We get visitors from all over the world and can really help drive more traffic and customers, which equals sales. 


How It Works
Pay a flat rate, and your ad will be displayed on our website for 30 days. You can extend your duration; fees will be the same cost as the ad zone you choose, but with 10% off. More details and information about our terms and policy on our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page. 
Our advertising service is self-serve. You simply choose your preferred zone/location (price and size of the ad is provided), ad format, alt text, ad URL, and image. 
Getting started is simple, here’s how: 
Simply fill out our ad application here, and wait 24-72 hours (1-3 days) for approval. But before filling out our ad application, be sure you read, comprehend and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.


If your application is approved: you’ll receive an email notifying you whether or not your application was approved. You’ll also be notified whether or not the ad zone you chose is available (if you’re approved) or when it’ll be available. If the ad zone you chose is currently available, you will be sent a payment form to fill out before your ad goes on display. Your ad will appear on our website(s) within 24-72 hours, once payment is received. 


If your application is not approved: you’ll receive an email within 24-72 hours with the reasoning on why your ad wasn’t approved. There are 2 common reasons why your ad was not approved:
  1. It wasn’t related health/nutrition or appropriate . If your ad is not related to health/nutrition or appropriate (no adult content), you will not be approved. We ONLY advertise health/nutrition ads, which you can read more here on our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  2. The ad space was not currently available. If by any chance the ad zone you chose is currently NOT available, we’ll alert you about this via email and notify you further on availability, if you’re still interested in advertising with us. 
(Please note: the images below are screenshots of my blog, RawVeganLiving, but will be located in the same areas on 0medz0) 
Zone 1: Header 
Great advertising exposure. Ad Ad will be displayed underneath the pages/tabs, right above the featured posts. Ad size for zone 1 must be 728×90. Cost for this zone is $350.


Zone 2: Single Ad on Right Sidebar
Second great ad zone for exposure. This single ad will be featured on the right sidebar of our website. Ad size for zone 1 must be 300×250. Cost for this zone is $250. 
Zone 3-6: One Out Of The 4 On Right Sidebar
Third great ad zone for exposure. This ad zone is shared with 4 different 125×125 sized ads, and your ad will be displayed in one of these boxes (as demonstrated in the image below) on the right sidebar of our website. Cost for this ad zone is $150. 
Zone 7: Footer 
Not the best ad zone for high exposure, but your ad can still be recognized. Ad will be displayed at above my footer, underneath all the featured posts. Ad size for this zone is 728×90 and cost for this zone is $100. 





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