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Hi! My name is Miliany Bonet, and I am a 14 year old raw vegan teen chef. I am passionate about raw foods, and I want to motivate and inspire others to eat more raw fruits and vegetables into their diets. I love eating, reading, writing, creating, and spending time in the kitchen rawifying recipes. I strongly believe that healthy can be delicious!

My Vegan and Raw Journey:
I began my vegan journey in April 2012. I was unhappy with my body and I knew I was fat, and I was told I was skinny by my family and friends. I was insecure and not confident. I knew that junk, fast, commercial, processed foods were bad for my body. I was about maybe around 100 pounds in third and fourth grade. I ate everything from pizza, soda, pasta, sandwiches, commercial foods, candy, my dinner plates would be like it was an adult large plate, and basically just junk foods. I had acne and every facial products/cremes I would apply on my face wouldn’t work.


I was born with a whole in my heart, which caused open heart surgery as a baby, and had a weak, but yet strong heart. Luckily, I didn’t have heart disease, but I knew if I continued on the Standard American Diet (SAD) I might have gotten heart disease, heart attack, or maybe even a heart stroke. Sometimes, I would suffer from severe heart/chest pains, especially every time I would run. I used to think that exercise would make my heart worse, not knowing it was for the best. Now, I love exercising and running. I would also get headaches, I was moody, I was lazy to get out of bed in the morning, my eyes would hurt severely, and always getting sick every year. I knew that that wasn’t the fun way to live life. Little did I know, that my decision to adapt a plant-based diet was a smart and life saving move.


So, I was smart enough to adapt a vegan diet with my dad. I learned more and more about how becoming vegan is better for the animals, our health, and planet, as well. I was vegan for four months, then I took my vegan diet to the next level: raw vegan!

I became a raw vegan in August of 2012. My dad and I began learning and researching the vegan diet and came upon the raw vegan diet. We found these very inspirational raw vegans on youtube: Dan McDonald the Liferegenerator , Kristina Carillo-Bucaram from FullyRaw and Rawfully Organic , Megan Elizabeth from Easy To Be Raw, and many other greats. So we were inspired to go raw. I became so inspired that I actually inspired and motivated my dad to go raw! After coming off the vegan diet, I began noticing a change in my weight, the way I looked and felt. I was 120 pounds in the beginning of my vegan journey. Going on raw, I lost 10 more pounds, (I was at 110) then I lost five more pounds (I was 105). I lost more body weight and fat off my body. I felt so great. I now have increased energy, more stamina, don’t wake up tired anymore, I love to exercise and run, I run longer distances without getting tired, I wanted to be more closer to nature, I got stronger, more love in my heart, and the list goes on and on. I look epic and I’m much slimmer than before. I no longer get chest pains and my heart felt so much healthier. My eyes changed color to very light brown; almost an amber colour. The black outer lining of my eyes changed from black to blue! I was amazed! I have now been raw for 4 months now, and already love it and have seen miraculous changes in my life.


What I Eat in my Diet:

I eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, legumes, and everything else nature has to offer. Just because I’m a raw vegan, doesn’t mean my diet is boring. It is very fun! I still eat the sweets and other foods that I used to enjoy like brownies, chocolate, cheesecake, cake, muffins, cupcakes, pizza, Mac n “cheese”, “cheese”, pasta, veggie burgers, ice cream, lasagna, and so much other great, delicious, healthy, and epic foods, that I can still enjoy; without sacrificing the taste and my health. I just enjoy them raw. Like my dad says, Raw foods is real foods!


My Mission:
I want to inspire (not convince) others to start incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into their diets and less cooked foods. Eating raw is fun and it is NOT boring at all. Trust me. Give it a try yourself. Your body will thank you. Raw vegan foods not only became a diet, but a lifestyle! Raw vegan living foods is the only diet that really, truly works. The improvements you will see are more than worth it and will save your life 🙂 There are so many great inspirational raw vegan stories out there. I want to prove that clean eating and raw living foods is the best way to eat, have optimal health, and more love in our hearts. I love raw foods!:)

Stay healthy my friends! Miliany Bonet:)


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