About Miliany

Miliany Bonet is an ambitious 18 years young, world renowned, raw vegan teen who is passionate about a raw foods lifestyle. She runs and owns 3 websites, all in which are based on veganism. 

Miliany has a strong desire and passion in her heart to share her love for a raw living foods lifestyle with others, so they can feel amazing like she does. 

Miliany’s Vegan Journey
Miliany was inspired to go vegan at the age of 13 by her father.  She had came home from school one day, when her father suddenly told her that he was no longer going to eat animals anymore. Miliany and her father were on a Standard American Diet prior to going vegan. 

As a meat-eater, Miliany was very insecure about herself and had very low self-esteem. She was not at all confident in her own skin, and this bothered Miliany greatly.

That night, Miliany’s father told her he was going to go vegan, he recommended to her that she watch an eye-opening documentary called, ‘Food, Inc’. This documentary changed Miliany’s perspective on the meat, dairy and food industry all together. She learned a whole lot of information she was not aware of prior to watching the film. The film exposes the truth and deceitfulness behind the food and agriculture industry, along with the abuse the animals go through, just for the sake of food. It was at that point, Miliany no longer wanted to contribute to the suffering of eating dead animals, so she decided to go vegan, too, herself and join her dad n the journey to better health!

Today, Miliany lives this amazing raw vegan lifestyle with her father, and together, they have inspired hundreds of people from all over the world t adapt a healthier lifestyle.

If interested in learning more about Miliany’s full vegan story, click here.

Happy, healthy living!



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