The Only Post You’ll Need To Read Up on Iron for Vegans

5 Oct
So many people interested in transitioning to raw wonder where vegans get their iron from. Just like the protein myth and the B12 concern, iron is just another crucial mineral that too many people worry about not getting enough on...
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Before you Eat Another Burning Pineapple Again, Read This Post!

11 Sep
Pineapples are one of my favorite fruits. They’re sweet, juicy, bright, and provide a whole lot of nutrition. But have you ever eaten a pineapple and experienced your tongue and mouth burning, to the point where you even bleed? if...
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Do Figs Contain Dead Wasps? The Answer…

10 Sep
Mmm… figs. A soft, sweet and delectable fruit, revered by many fruitarians. Fresh figs are juicy and make a great monomeal/snack. The inside of a fresh fig looks sweet and juicy, and is often treasured and considered to be a...
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Importance of Sleep & How to Optimize Your Sleep Every Night!

8 Jul
Sleep is an essential part of optimum health. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to function as optimally.  A lack of sleep causes all sorts of health problems, from weight gain and not being able to think straight. When our...
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The Fastest Way To Detox and Recover Your Damaged DNA & Cells from GMO Foods

1 Jul
It’s no secret that genetically modified organisms cause your cells and DNA to be damaged. If you’ve never heard of genetically modified organisms (often abbreviated to GMO), then I don’t know where you’ve been living or if you’ve fully been...
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The Best Marine Phytoplankton In the World + Consumption Tips

29 Jun
Marine phytoplankton is in the spotlight for being the most nutritious, powerful and potent superfood on the face of this earth!  You may remember my product review I did for Activation Products last year on RawVeganLiving here. I briefly talk...
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Miliany’s Big Hair Chop Story!

20 Apr
I will be sharing my hair transformation and my “big chop story” in this post today. I’ve always desired to have long hair, although, it wasn’t always long (or even as long as I desired it to be) when I...
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My Experience Eating Cooked Food After 2 Years Fully Raw

24 Jan
So I will try to keep this post as short as possible. This post is about my on and off journey with cooked foods.   When I first transitioned to a plant based lifestyle, I transitioned as a vegan for...
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Are Conscious, Mindful Clean Eaters Orthorexic? My Thoughts & Opinions

12 Dec
I’ve been seeing this topic float around lately on the Internet, so I thought I’d share my thoughts and opinions on Orthorexia. What is Orthorexia? Are vegans Orthorexic? And how does one become Orthorexic? First off, What is Orthorexia?  As defined...
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