How I Keep My Work Environment Healthy

Being a young teen entrepreneur who is super busy and works from home, it’s very important that I keep my work environment healthy. I came across these really cool office spaces by WeWork, and it inspired me to write a blogpost about how I keep my work space/office healthy!   WeWork is a coworking company, that are great […]

The King of Superfoods & Its Miraculous Benefits!

One of the many questions I get asked frequently about this lifestyle is, whether or not superfoods are necessary on a raw foods diet. Absolutely, yes! In my opinion, I believe superfoods are essential to any diet, because they provide vital nutrients, minerals and wonderful health benefits that will enhance your/any lifestyle. Superfoods have been around for centuries, and our ancient […]

Tips, Methods & Techniques on How To Eat a Raw Foods Diet in the Winter

Since a raw foods diet doesn’t involve cooked foods, many people find it difficult to eat a raw foods diet in the winter. For this reason, people tend to fall off the wagon and turn to cooked foods, because it gives them the comfort and warmth they are looking for in the cold weather. Believe it or not, staying raw in the winter is easier than you think. One common misconceptions about a raw foods diet, is that the foods are always cold. Many people […]

Why Pumpkins Are An Amazing Superfood You Should Eat Everyday

It’s fall, which means pumpkins are in season. These round, orange vegetables (they’re part of the squash family) are loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein; it’s truly amazing! Even the seeds are edible and nutritious! To experience the full benefits of pumpkins, its recommended to eat them raw, uncooked, unbaked. The benefits are truly amazing! […]