Why Pumpkins Are An Amazing Superfood You Should Eat Everyday

It’s fall, which means pumpkins are in season. These round, orange vegetables (they’re part of the squash family) are loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein; it’s truly amazing! Even the seeds are edible and nutritious! To experience the full benefits of pumpkins, its recommended to eat them raw, uncooked, unbaked. The benefits are truly amazing! […]

Is Stevia Good or Bad?

One of the most dangerous and highly addictive food additive on the market, is sugar. It’s added to almost every processed foods, causes diseases, makes you depressed, makes you overweight, gives you headaches, causes stress, and if you eat too much of it, it’ll make you sick to your stomach! Sugar affects the brain, the heart, your weight, […]

Transitioning To Raw, 6 “Healthy” Foods to Avoid & 10+ Reasons Why You Should Consider Transitioning To Raw

TRANSITIONING TO RAW If you follow my blog, RawVeganLiving, then you would know that I recently run a fourth blog called, Transitioning To Raw. When you subscribe to Transitioning To Raw, you will receive your FREE Transitioning To Raw report via email. In the report, you’ll learn how to transition to raw and my tips on having […]

Top 12 Beautifying Raw Foods & Recipes

Many people suffer from acne and unhealthy skin, especially females. Fortunately, it’s possible on a raw foods diet to regain healthy skin. Acne, eczema, rashes and other skin conditions will fade away on a raw foods diet. It’s important to keep in mind that on this lifestyle, a low-fat diet is very vital. A high-fat diet quickens the aging […]